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Released in 1988 by Anco. No need to say what this is about.
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  1. TomCRaymond Says:

    The working title for this game was “Creft Six” and was originally going to be packaged with a flavoured condom.

    Opponents clothing would be removed by winning “Poking Rounds” and winning monies.

    “Donna” would appear from time to time, sometimes slightly beaten.


    It was difficult to forget it. Not a serious attempt at the game. Just quickly put together.

    Ceefax is better than most programmes on tv nowadays.

  3. kojiki1976 Says:

    I remember the advertisements for this game for… er… no particular reason.

    The game itself is slightly less titillating than Ceefax! :)


    A riches to rags story and a strange one. The lad could spot a bargain a mile away. Seems to have turned to the sleazier side of life with the sexy photoshoots. One calendar which won’t be going up on my wall! A serial killer/cannibal can commit the perfect crime – just eat the evidence!


    Yes he is…I mean she is! No wonder it was called ACE! I bet you didn’t get passed the advert.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you bigboy!


    Now everyone goes searching YouTube for ‘James Harries on Wogan’!

    I think we’ve all woke up in a strange bed on a Sunday morning and put two and two together, lol!

  7. mildredsmittens Says:

    its some kind of sick interest in human weirdness that i have. i also found a bbc news article saying that lauren was thinking of moving to LA cos she kept getting trannybashed in wales. judging by the photos she never made it to LA.

    anyway better get to bed before im caught looking at such things this late at night. have a good bit of festive fun mr spinny.

  8. mildredsmittens Says:

    lol thanks for reminding me off lauren harries. ive just visited her webpage and discovered to my horror that shes started going down the sexy photoshoot road. it looks like there are going to be some topless shots on there in a few weeks. somewhat worryingly i think id be quite interested to see them. im assuming the part of me that likes reading about serial killers and cannibals is the same part thats responsible for me wanting to see james harries tits.

  9. saundersDave11 Says:

    Yeah, he was an antiques expert or something by aged ten and appeared on Wogan or something. A bit unnerving, but not as unnerving as the poor bastard who wakes up next to ‘her’ feeling pleased and, seeing the photo on the wall, puts two and two together..

  10. bigboylift Says:

    I think I’m right but that dude at the start of the video IS a lady now! Excellent choice of music. I remember an advert for this game in ACE magazine when I was much younger and easily excited. Merry Christmas and a happy new year spinny.

  11. SPINNYFUCK Says:

    It’s a hard one! I tried my best. Too much over-indulgence on the roast speccy I’m afraid.

  12. Fawltykog Says:

    FILTH!! or in this case not enough of it.

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