YYCCC 2010-12-06 Calgary City Council – December 6, 2010

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Here is new process: gordonmcdowell.com Dec 6 captions are generated by YouTube’s Machine Transcription, so are not very accurate, but still handy for searching for key words using Interactive Transcript feature.
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25 Responses to “YYCCC 2010-12-06 Calgary City Council – December 6, 2010”

  1. LuckySeven91 Says:

    @zaruyko lmfao u r so right man

  2. ZMeyenus95 Says:

    @spratoclocknews. There are more g
    gasses than co2. I understand that that isn’t a greenhouse gas, but there absolutely are such things. Lemme guess, republican right?

  3. SprayOClockNews Says:

    @gordonmcdowell why dont you you be more BLUNT? try saying EXACTLY what you mean in CLEAR ENGLISH.

    anyone who tries to bring up spelling really has no brain. particularly when they do this on youtube.

    and please tell me what ‘talking points’ U are talking about? EVERY SINGLE PLANT IS MUTATED, there is no such thing as greenhouse gas, co2 is less than 3% of atmosphere, plants make oxygen out of it, warm is good as in the MEDIEVIL WARM PERIOD things booming, oceans make all the co2, GRAB A BRAIN

  4. gordonmcdowell Says:

    “CO2 is essential to life.” Well played Competitive Enterprise Institute, the can’t spell, CAPS-loving YouTube crowd has eaten up your talking points. Everything in moderation, @SprayOClockNews.

  5. SprayOClockNews Says:

    i wonder if/when David Keith from U of Calgary will be locked up? anyone know? he has a chair on the gov to do with enviro, designs aluminum barium aerosols to ‘block sun cuz of the GREENHOUSE GAS RELIGION’ and, he even devises how to get rid of CO2, which is essential to all life.

    anyone on here that does not know about CLIMATEGATE does not know how to use the net, SOMOEONE PLEASE arrest that freak in Calgary!!! this spraying THEY ARE DOING is/has FCKED UP MY SUMMER IN VAN, muted ALL PLANTS2

  6. koopadude1 Says:

    @AionCH Ain’t that the truth.

  7. learndigitaldesign Says:

    Are they saying “Your Worship?”

  8. thatnamesorryhas Says:

    Oh, so this is what they play to extract information from “High value detainees”…It makes sense; there’s likely nothing as mind-numbingly boring/painful as a Canadian city council meeting(of which Calgary probably tops the list)…
    My only question is: Do they put Lithium in the Canadian water supply?

  9. SuperTruth77 Says:

    Wow, I love the way this tuns into a violent orgy with DP & Bukkake action at 5h 16m…

  10. ElijahCatanzaro Says:

    what a movie..watched 5 times in webmovietube

  11. MrChrisdale1 Says:

    this mini series was directed by Kafka’s bored ghost.

  12. ty1977 Says:

    @UrbanSkaternotreally these are called nerds

  13. woodyfly Says:

    I like the part where it’s really boring

  14. cliftonhauusd Says:

    single Latin girls here rockmycity.info

  15. zaruyko Says:

    @gobipill why on earth do you respond? do you care?

  16. gobipill Says:

    @zaruyko Why on Earth do you care? U mad or something?

  17. tyo0997 Says:

    What is YYCCC???

  18. lebird Says:

    i like the part where everyone agrees
    4:54:47 lol

  19. Scoti45 Says:

    He’s a good mayor

  20. zaruyko Says:

    @snowboarderforlyfe 1) Reread my comment. I never said any of them are mistakes.
    2) Check my channel and search around what person i am.
    3) Even if i am an idiot, why reply?
    4) You do not know ANYTHING about me to make judgements that “Oh yure an american” or “You are an idiot”.You just dont have enough information to say ANYTHING about me.
    5) If i were to use your stupidity, then i’d say YOU are the american because you made judgements when you simply cannot from lack of info and thinking.

  21. snowboarderforlyfe Says:

    @zaruyko how is #2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 a mistake?
    Lol, dumbass… you’re American, eh? WTF, don’t be an idiot.

  22. GamingFootage Says:

    The grade three students don’t know what the fuck is going on…and it takes you guys this long to get things done for Calgary? Great progress…

  23. dennisinthereality Says:

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  24. kutansky Says:

    haha, and I can not send anything over 10 minutes :)

  25. moremoreenough Says:

    The more I witness Nenshi conduct himself, the more I like him. As riotous as this shin-dig is, I don’t quite have enough time to spare to sit down and watch the entirety of Calgary’s council proceedings – as engaging and uproariously hilarious as they’ve proven to be.

    The Chinese engineer who’s “not into coke” ???? What?

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