yu-gi-oh -i kissed a girl

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Video : Hey Now (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun ) – Cyndi Lauper Change of Heart – Cyndi Lauper What’s Going On – Cyndi Lauper Bad Romance – Lady Gaga I Drove all Night – Cyndi Lauper Hole in My Heart (All the Way to China) – Cyndi Lauper Poker Face – Lady Gaga She Bop – Cyndi Lauper Música : Disco Inferno(A Capella) – Cyndi Lauper Girls just Wanna Have Fun X Set your Heart – Cyndi Lauper Just Your Fool – Cyndi Lauper Bad Romance – Lady Gaga Shine – Cyndi Lauper Same Oll Story – Cyndi Lauper Telephone (Feat. Beyoncé) – Lady Gaga Into The Night Life – Cyndi Lauper

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18 Responses to “yu-gi-oh -i kissed a girl”

  1. Pixiessima Says:

    Al rogo Anzu!!! Forza Atem e Mana *-*

  2. angadandkrapa4ever Says:

    nice vid

  3. MrYugioh5dsvideos Says:


  4. beauty23xD Says:

    musik und vid passn net so aber trotzdem voll gut :D

  5. xpurplegirlx3 Says:


  6. jjjkkk51 Says:

    @cyndilauperidol well i dont care about what u think dont make up stories :) nice talking 2 u

  7. cyndilauperidol Says:

    @jjjkkk51 Well thats not what I think!

  8. jjjkkk51 Says:

    @dreamnight1975 yeah cyndi is a true artist but gaga is the queen of pop

  9. jjjkkk51 Says:

    @cyndilauperidol gaga is not a cyndi lauper wannbe she better

  10. 36ab43ar Says:

    this mash-up SUCKS!!!! I like both Lady Gaga and C. Lauper. But really?????

  11. Frozen7201 Says:

    I thought that one song was called Same Ole Fuckin Story. Thas how she sang it in concert..

  12. LoAfXD Says:

    Why are you comparing them?
    There both different, and there friends..soo why try and start a thing on whos better?
    There both AMAZING artists..

  13. ladygagaeckler Says:

    Why the comparison? they are both AMAZING! and they are friends! they arent competeing, if you appreciated anything that either of them stand for you wouldnt compare

  14. ILuvMusic4real Says:

    I don’t see the comparison. If anything she’s a female Bowie, white Grace Jones rolled into one. And maybe a little Bette Midler-esque to her vocal. I saw a couple live performances, she can sing. The chic does have talent, but not much originality. Would love to see more of her. Maybe it’s just how they’re marketing her.

  15. cyndilauperidol Says:

    CYNDI LAUPER IS ALOT BETTER AND lady gaga is a CYNDI LAUPER wanna be and at least CYNDI LAUPER AIN’T wearing like about a bikini really?!

  16. dreamnight1975 Says:

    so sorry gaga….. cyndi is the best and true artist

  17. witcombe2009 Says:

    not great, sorry gaga is a lauper wannabe

  18. fisanch Says:

    cyndi lauper is a artist .. gaga too but she is kinda a muppet just

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