Young Tight Buns Forever Workout

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25 Responses to “Young Tight Buns Forever Workout”

  1. liztwinkle Says:

    i can’t find anything on your blog about that yellow drink. what is it!?

  2. TheDbrown56 Says:

    use a wet towel to wipe your shoes on.

  3. kcamp111060 Says:

    young bunns :3? 

  4. abcdefgdmfgklfd Says:

    I really need that thing that you use @ 2:30 etc.
    I don’t want to buy it but I have no idea what I could use for that..

  5. 1147gt1 Says:

    1:00 LMAO

  6. LuXx0r Says:

    you’re very dirty! ;D
    to spit on the ground… xD

  7. ajkh888 Says:


  8. deadtoyou6660 Says:

    does anyone else think if this video was black and white it would look like a workout video in the 40s?

  9. r0y02 Says:

    Wonder what kind of diet she has.

  10. mlbm13 Says:

    I LIKE THIS WORKOUT , especially the lunge combo. :D DDDDD
    im trying to grow my legs, and this works :D
    i gained 4 lbs in muscles .yey.

  11. Mega18Buster Says:

    Nice, i tried!

  12. MrBuccaBoy Says:

    Ugh… Unsanitary, I like the H20 suggestion better.

  13. Papojijo Says:

    nice shoes!! ;)

  14. ImminentlyWise Says:

    thank you for showing that it is so hard for you too, I feel much better.

  15. hobotechMASTER Says:

    so hawt!

  16. NoXAdmiral Says:

    i wonder if they ever have to cancel or paused the video recording because they got….. overexcited?

  17. DarthLawya Says:

    Awesome as ever!

    Can’t find such a training device, this would be pretty good to train with. I didn’t understood the name of it. :-(  Can You tell it or link? :-D

  18. TheAbStand Says:

    Awesome video–LOVE the channel!! :)


  19. manamal1 Says:

    LMAO, your funny, it is good to see you have a sense of humor to. Your the only woman that can spit on the floor without me saying ” eww thats gross”
    Anyway, where can I purchase that black dip stand? and where is the link to the work out drink. Is it on your website?

  20. meb659 Says:

    No more coffee? Seriously? Some kind of goo drink?

  21. crin28 Says:

    Ew gross!! Step on a damp towel! ha ha haaaaaaa! You crack me up :-)

  22. JezzDeHuebsche Says:

    great video… I’ve got a wish for christmas time…
    can you show us all of your shoes???
    maybe you can tell us which are the best and so on.
    greetings from germany and now I’m doing your workout…
    HELP!! :D

  23. FrozenSparky Says:


  24. arda1426 Says:

    u hottt

  25. 19grand Says:

    I thought NIKE trainers were fashion trainers and not particularly good at support or cushion. Just what i heard.

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