You touched my tra la la, US Military Style in Iraq!

December 09, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

This is what our guys ‘n girls are doing with their downtime in Iraq!
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25 Responses to “You touched my tra la la, US Military Style in Iraq!”

  1. snr2011glp Says:

    i LOVE when our military gets bored :D

  2. Eckhartify Says:

    are they that bored

  3. Yaroslavnumber1 Says:


  4. deathbycash671 Says:

    Imagine this is where our tax payer dollars go to

  5. snakebithigh Says:

    But we in it shall be remembered-
    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.
    Keep rockin n rollin!

  6. BruisedChaos Says:

    Ha ha ha this is awesome! Love it! <3

  7. Hitmann11 Says:

    …. “OOOO damed, stop dancing. I can´t target” xD

  8. MrWilliamdean6312 Says:

    Whats the name of the song at the end?

  9. MrWilliamdean6312 Says:

    @Darthevan97 They thought of how amazingly funny we are in bad situations.

  10. sniperwolf589 Says:

    my fave part is when they sing the girls part and there in the car and the other guy is rubbing his chest and the other guy looks at him funny

  11. unknowngirl606 Says:

    dont u love how theres one woman…

  12. unknowngirl606 Says:

    army people need to have some fun too!!! XD

  13. hnt456 Says:

    @Darthevan97 probably this O_o wtf?…

  14. hnt456 Says:

    meanwhile in iraq

  15. hokieman111 Says:

    19 people are brothers with usamo ben laden

  16. Fayebaby55 Says:


  17. okankucuk18 Says:

    An inspirational song for those brainwashed soldiers to rape the Iraqi women. God bless the Muslims who fight those godless perverts. We’ve had enough of autocracy, hypocracy and murder. Those soldiers are truly deprived of love and mercy, and it is everybody’s primary duty before God to uprise against the secret society that rules the world, who wants the rich and the close to be stupid and ignorant, and the poor and the far away dead.

  18. sniperwolf589 Says:

    @TheDestroyerOfN00bz they wont stop at killing them thats for sure

  19. sniperwolf589 Says:

    this is sooooo funny!!!!!u touched my tra la la!!!!!!!hahahahahahahahhahah!!!!!!
    my dingdingdong!!!!!!!!

  20. TheDestroyerOfN00bz Says:

    Dude their drill sergeants are gonna kill them when they see this

  21. MizzMelodyMarie Says:

    Haha have always loved this video :)

  22. ghezzinator9000 Says:

    @llazyoli coming from the nolife video game nerd

  23. SilverWoLf802 Says:

    Ok boys we capured a iraqi base lets celebrate *puts this song in*

  24. C0DSNIP3R Says:

    @llazyoli Really nice thing to say on such a special day. Get real bitch, they are just having fun. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean that someone should die.

  25. MissTilghman Says:

    @llazyoli idiot.

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