WSOP 2010: Caesars Palace Poker Room

February 12, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Over the 2010 World Series of Poker, you may get the urge to leave The Rio for a moment. Lynn gives a heads up on where to get some WSOP-free live strip poker.
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9 Responses to “WSOP 2010: Caesars Palace Poker Room”

  1. KADunn123 Says:

    Is it wrong that I couldn’t take my eyes off her chest?

  2. TruAzn100 Says:

    @Mikeysonfire in ur opinion what is the best place to play hold em?

  3. Mikeysonfire Says:

    That room is where i had one of my bad beats that i will never forget! hahaha!

  4. 91Holdem Says:

    @nemez151 what 5k burger?

  5. ImStillBlind Says:

    @Mr81points lol the skull look doesnt do it for me

  6. Mr81points Says:

    @ImStillBlind its okay to be gay.

  7. ImStillBlind Says:

    why does everyone like lynn so much? i dont get it

  8. nemez151 Says:

    i cant get over the 5k burger

  9. 1kingconan Says:

    she looks so pretty here :)

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