Wrestling Roundtable 1/17/10 Part 1 – January 4, 2010's Monday Night War

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Sorry for taking so long, there were serious technical issues with this getting file online! Anyway… In the Season Premiere for The Wrestling Roundtable’s 3rd season, the panel discusses the Monday Night War put on by WWE featuring the returning Bret “The Hitman” Hart on Monday Night RAW against TNA’s 3 hour live iMPACT! featuring the debuting Hulk Hogan. Hosted by Eric Santamaria. * The views expressed on The Wrestling Roundtable are solely those of the individual and do not necessarily reflect the views of any other entity, person or organization *
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Matt flies to New York to visit Lauren, who has spent the past three years in a mental institution. She returns to Los Angeles with Matt, but he is reluctant to introduce her to Kelly. David and Gina see the couple kissing on the street. Kelly angrily breaks up with Matt, then decides that she will fight for him. Matt informs Kelly that Lauren is his wife. Dylan performs community service on a road crew. He objects to the tyrannical foreman’s treatment of one of the other workers, an upstanding family man. Dylan gets into a fight with the foreman; he must smooth things over to spare his friend from an unfair punishment. Dylan angers Gina by confiding in his sponsor while shutting Gina out. David meets a woman who may be his perfect match, but she seems to have stood him up. Steve and Donna engage in a war of practical jokes with Noah after they catch him cheating at strip live strip poker.

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32 Responses to “Wrestling Roundtable 1/17/10 Part 1 – January 4, 2010's Monday Night War”

  1. philvanyam Says:

    @WrestlingRoundtable – “Herb” is a term that was used in the early to mid 90′s, primarily on the east coast, that can most simply be defined as… a nerd that thinks he’s cool. Obviously the words “nerd” and “cool” are not exactly the most societaly relavant, but that’s the way the term was used during it’s heyday.

    To be clear, I don’t agree with his assessment, but you asked, so I told.

  2. benjmann2 Says:

    @JakeTheFakeReal People who complain about everything.

  3. keh678 Says:

    Pope won the 8 card stud tournament which is great but they are building for Lockdown and the main event must be AJ vs Pope in the cage.

  4. ish90an Says:

    Have to disagree with you guys. The Styles-Angle match sucked, it was like a video game and no selling from both. Both guys are capable of much better. As for Hardy, he hasn’t been seen since and it seems like he’s not actually coming to TNA. It felt like “hogan & friends show”, with the Nasty Boys and Hall, Bubba Sponge and Waltman dominating. Where was Joe, why did they mess up the x-division? And the ad time was idiotic, it felt dragged and forced, they could’ve had a longer x-division match.

  5. mychannelisgone Says:

    bret sold out big time. no respect.

  6. Crookmeisteren Says:

    for once im agreeing with u guys

  7. thenegotiator3 Says:

    I couldn’t agree more on your opinion of the Pope. I think WWE will regret letting him go possibly as much as WCW regretted letting Stone Cold go.

    I remember watching him on ECW, just thinking he had everything to be a top top star.

  8. keh678 Says:

    I don’t think so. I think being a hardcore fan I would defineatly say TNA was better. Besides the Bret segments, TNA was overall the better shows.

  9. Kkuusshhh Says:

    Yeah, I really had flashbacks to my younger years of flipping between Raw and Nitro. I feel like they could have gone another way with Bret and Shawn. Maybe if Bret clocked him before they hugged it out, I’d have felt better about their segment but whatever. There’ll never be any brotherly love there. If it was in Canada it would have been a huge night for sure. TNA is certainly on my radar now, more so than it was maybe six months ago. They should be on Monday nights before Raw or after.

  10. DeathAdder83 Says:

    7:57 p.m. waiting for the wrestling show to come on………….these kids today, just will never really know.

    10:36 was the exact motion I did when Bret Hart came out.

    lol@and then Jeff Hardy was painting, yeah I HATE Hardy, but he was probably the biggest suprise (next to maybe Flair) and they should have used Jeff alot better.

    Glad to see you Slap Nuts back agian, you guys are always alot of fun to watch.

  11. reh629 Says:

    i like tna. but jan 4th and ever since hogan took over, tna has been wcw 2.0…in a bad way.

  12. SexxyMessiah Says:

    How can he put over people when he has only four moves?

  13. cforte926 Says:

    Hey guys great show. Question. There are alot of older hardcore wrestling fans that are sick of WWE’s product so much. Do you think alot of those fans who watched Impact think that the show was better then it was and didnt give it a true review because they hate WWE so much now. And they dont respect the good things WWE does the best that TNA are far from doing? In other words do you think theirs some fans that would love anything that is not WWE even though it might not be that good.

  14. skinwalkerxxx Says:

    I thought this show was kind of short. I think January 4 was important enough to really dissect both shows from top to bottom and what worked, what didn’t. I don’t think you had the right debaters either.

  15. bigdaddythunder1982 Says:

    I don’t know if Tna needs to go live every monday, but they need to go live at least on thursdays if thats what night they want to stay on.

  16. Frank15982 Says:

    I don’t like the pope gimmick, but it’s better than anything he had on WWE before.

  17. Sweetguy9009 Says:

    I agree with you guys, TNA needs to go Monday Nights every week.

  18. HeroesofGrammar Says:

    it shows you what a big deal it is, this is like the first time i’ve ever heard you guys talk about TNA as legit.

  19. JakeTheFakeReal Says:

    “negative nancies?”

  20. roh1234 Says:

    Very professional opening guys, i like it. Lol, i pick ROH, both shows were meh at the most. To be fair Hogan/Foley will be absolutely awful. TNA fans have been told off, lol.

  21. mattzgrll Says:

    jeff likes downers, not uppers

  22. WFaN4600 Says:

    You Guys Rock, Thanks for Answering My Question, I am A Wrestling Historian just like Yourselves, from 1989-2006 I Never Ever missed A Raw/Nitro or any PPV Ever. I love Your Show, Keep Up The Good Work, and Yes Although Bret can’t move I’d Still Rather see Him face Shawn Then have a Lame Match Against Vince

  23. AdoublesLdouble Says:

    A bunch of marijuana plants?

  24. AdoublesLdouble Says:

    TNA are idiots fro dropping the ball with Cheerleader Melissa

  25. FlowinEnno Says:

    @MrPerfect2000Z yeah, i’m not at all saying that Val is a bad wrestler. I’m just not familiar with his work in the past, because i just got back to following wrestling 2 years ago. I’m just not sure yet if he fits to TNA and if i want to see him over a longer period of time. This whole Strip Poker thing on Monday 4th was pretty obsolete IMHO, but it’s getting better. If they have a really good storyline with Daniels planned out for him i might even start to like him.

  26. cheergurl509 Says:

    what did noah use to mark the cards

  27. caoyrodude Says:

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  28. hesthesthesthest Says:

    boo hoo kelly

  29. bepjr Says:

    hahah sanders. both the soda and the inspector thing is hiliarious!

  30. VMARIE20 Says:

    lol, the soda thing is hilarious!

  31. xicklove Says:

    haha, look at 9.07 :D :D:D

  32. loisclarkforever Says:

    I know I should feel bad about this about but I dont Lol I love donna

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