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FIRST… Sony Vegas video :D .. not the best,but I’m proud of it XD just tested some stuffs on vegas, full of colors, dancing singing in this video :D I’m happy pappy XD +giggle+ ohw ♥ I’ve missed you guyz so… ;3 and I guess you ll have missed my video’s :3.. well… Finely! The PokerFace, maded by Ayukyo aKa Kishiiii :D Staring in this video is Kish on the Garrosh server, AND on the Private server: Nightfall :3 rawr! letz start the wicked video, turn your world into colors full of music ♥ thihi xX~Music Angel Kishi xox
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25 Responses to “[WoW Music Video] Pokerface”

  1. ThilaBear Says:

    Hehe she used a high elf :) im guessing that since her eyes are blue and not tainted green :) i wish we could do that in WoW with out having to be a DK it would be awesome!!

  2. ColdBloodedSleeper Says:


  3. dman91982 Says:

    hey ayuk. your vid to thiss song is the best by far. keep up the good work

  4. DungeonSlayer100 Says:

    So hard to find this video now with all the noobs out there downloading and spreading their own garbage, just so they can have a video to their name… I should just sub to you Ayukyo, your videos are always top notch.

  5. mohamed061996 Says:


  6. rororat Says:

    blood elves are great at poker faces, and they help mine, because i cant stop smiling and laughing.

  7. liquadmetal Says:

    1:01-1:12 made me have a seizure =( other Than that loved the vid!

  8. Snowflower0Bloodspil Says:

    I love it!

  9. 2013Blazer Says:

    Dude this vid is beast as hell! That friggin rox!!! Good Job Man!

  10. LadyGagasBiggetsFan Says:

    so i love WoW too and more but my name is this cous i wasent ReMember a better name that day…….

  11. LadyGagasBiggetsFan Says:

    carry ma carry ma Poker Face!! shes got the lectro body!!

  12. LadyGagasBiggetsFan Says:

    i love Poker Face mamamama !!!!!!!!!

  13. SuperSimonsa Says:

    i love your vidio i cant stop i see them again and again

  14. SuperSimonsa Says:

    ím you,r biggest fan 4ever

  15. SuperSimonsa Says:

    you are the best ayukyo i love all your videos so much <3 YOU ARE THE BEST <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  16. SuperSimonsa Says:

    you are the best ayukyo i love all your videos so much <3 YOU ARE THE BEST <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  17. YuukiOff Says:

    haha) love this :3

  18. Gintare2000 Says:

    lol :D

  19. dluvija Says:

    where are the balls? i dont see them :D

  20. TheIpodfan123 Says:

    ayukyo is the best wow movie maker and a few other dudes and dudettes i know the like SO ROCK coz lady gaga i love and justice crew along with taylor swift

  21. KeotsXD Says:

    LOL it’s so good :)

  22. sihark Says:

    2:39 i want the leggs <.<

  23. Anomious1999 Says:

    Nice video, even for a test..=)

  24. CougarkillZ Says:

    all the colors and animations in here, i liked it, rather creative video =-b

  25. danta1200 Says:

    its good idc if it is a test its still good

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