Winning Poker Strategy: Take Players Notes

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Winning Poker Strategy

The winning poker strategy when your play online poker games is to take players notes. This concept is extremely important when playing poker for real money online. Not taking notes on your opponents is a costly habit. Especially beginners fall into this trap.

Taking players notes is one of the main advantages online poker has over casino-room poker, and it’s a winning poker strategy. Because online you cannot see your opponents, it is much more difficult to analyze any tells or habits that your opponents may have. Moreover, these tells are a lot less reliable than in real life – if only for the fact that sometimes two or three people play under the same account.

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You have no reason not to take players notes and to make the same mistake twice against someone. The best part about this – is that most people are oblivious to the note taking system, and their systems are quickly noticed and forever recorded in your notes! This offers you the significant advantage in playing online poker games, and that’s a winning poker strategy.

Take Players Notes

When you play online poker games, take players notes, because it is entirely possible to be at a poker table full of unknowns. This is especially true on some of the larger sites, such as Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, PokerStars, where the player base is so large that it is simply impossible to get to know every single player. But the note-taking feature which allows to take players notes offered by most sites does make this process a lot easier, and it’s a winning poker strategy.


Players Notes for : REALMONEY87

  • Loose Player, Consistently Bets the Dealer Button. Played KK with ace on the board to the river after multiple raises.
  • Check/Raised with low pair made trips on the river. Plays under hands to the end.

While most online poker sites have a very large number of limit and no-limit hold’em tables, at some games  the player base is usually not nearly that big  which means that within a certain period of time, you should be able to create a list of notes and records.

Every time that you play online poker games and you notice a very good or very bad play by someone, every time that you see patterns in one’s play, you can simply take players notes and write that down.

Now, the next time that you will be playing at the same table with this person, these same players notes will still be there, so you will know immediately that this is that guy who calls raises with king-ten offsuit.  Or that’s the guy who only bets made hands and who almost never semi-bluffs.

This type of information is just invaluable, and even more so if you are someone who actively seeks to play online poker games with specific players and who is always on the lookout for a winning poker strategy. If you play on sites where the player base is not that large, or if you like to play certain types of games that have a relatively small core group of players, then not taking notes would be the same as leaving money on the table – something unforgivable for the professional player.

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