Try These 7 Winning Poker Strategy Tips

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Try these 7 winning poker strategy tips if you want to become a better player fast. And share your best poker strategy tips with us in the comments underneath of this post.

This article is not written for absolute beginners. I hope you do know at least a bit about the game.

Tip #1. Avoid the “pennies” tables. The players there will just call anything and the luck factor is too high.

Tip #2.
Learn from others. If you watch closely you might be able to pick up something from another player that you would like to use in your own game. Watch for the common things that make people lose in your poker game. Remember what types of hands are losing a large majority of the time and in what situations that you might be able to identify later.

Tip #3. When a player is low and it is about to get into the money in a tournament, make a big raise to take the pot (when you are leading in chips), most of the time they won’t risk to miss the money even to double a low stack.

Tip #4
.  When there are possibilities for a flush or a straight and everybody has been checking so far to the river, raise to 20% of your pot. You should get fine 80% of the time.

Tip #
5. Learn how to bluff and semi-bluff  at the right times against the right players, it will be you winning poker strategy. A bluff can be very effective when used rarely, and where there is a seemingly low risk of being called by your opponent.

Tip #6. If you are on a stretch of good hands and you get crappy cards, at least call the flop (unless someone made a big raise), this will prevent the ability of your opponents to tell for sure when you have a good hand.

Tip #7. If you fold at least 7 or 8 hands in a row, play the next one aggressively, people will perceive you as a passive player who must have a great hand.

What are your wining poker strategy tips? Share with us.

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