Why live strip poker players wear sunglasses?

December 08, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Most live strip poker players wear sunglasses to hide their live strip poker tells but sometimes sunglasses are just not enough…
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11 Responses to “Why live strip poker players wear sunglasses?”

  1. halo4380 Says:

    1:32 OMG IS THE PYRO

  2. xxS1KULOxx Says:

    and you are useless in this world

  3. YadaNa934 Says:

    competing to poker or costumes? hahah! anyway this is a very funny vid though i don’t play poker

  4. oilerfan4me Says:

    oh that made me laugh. Well done fellas!!

  5. andrewjrus Says:

    This is a horrible video and all the “actors” in it are greasy dirtbags.

  6. sadiekirsten Says:

    Same here….thank you so much :)

  7. run2home93 Says:

    Haha very well done, goodluck on getting this popular.

  8. tgustinger Says:

    comical truely good dario minieri w. the scarf and phil laak needs a gas mask.

  9. Casnazer Says:

    O I love this, I hope this gets to be big.

  10. jelous8 Says:

    haha brilliant :)

  11. ilovepoker84 Says:

    what a stupid video.

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