Who's That Girl

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Videoclip: Robyn – Who’s That Girl Label: www.ministryofsound.de

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25 Responses to “Who's That Girl”

  1. autumn47203 Says:

    @melliebooo not sure where the comment came from under my name, watched the video for the first time today. I’m glad you’re such a fan, you can keep her….I don’t get the connection wtih Pink at all, Pink has talent…this girls like fingernails on a chalkboard….

  2. FooeyMcgooey Says:

    I really like her voice. I wolud definately listen to her on the radio more than lady gaga.

  3. melodiclyrics Says:

    I love Robyn’s message in this song. I like how she challenges us to take a look at how we perceive ourselves and society’s standards for women.

  4. ladycupcake22 Says:

    @cluelesscheese1 im not trying to change your minds i dont five a fuck what u listen to and how bad it sucks I WAS just stateing my oppion like thousands of other ppl if u read thro the comment u will find that i am not the only oe who says this song sucks

  5. cluelesscheese1 Says:

    @ladycupcake22 go back to listening to your silly never shout never and we’ll keep listening to this ok? because we love it. and you saying it sucks isnt going to change our minds. as if we go “omg i love this song!”- scroll through the comments- omg! lady cupcake doesnt like it!? well i dont either! ….. yeah right…

  6. cluelesscheese1 Says:

    @ladycupcake22 if you dont like it dont watch it anymore silly

  7. Trelli3MatriX Says:

    RIP to all the suicides in the country. I have a song on my channel dedicated to all those even myself who have been in errie situations, trust me, things do get better!

  8. ladycupcake22 Says:

    @hakunabuzuna fucker dont know what´╗┐ shes talkin bout no tast for some real music
    …….mofo bitch

  9. ladycupcake22 Says:

    fucker dont know what shes talkin bout no tast for some real music

  10. melliebooo Says:

    @autumn47203 at first we all thought you were a skank too bad we still haven’t changed our minds

  11. OnceThereWasMusic Says:

    @melliebooo :| I forgot my glasses.

  12. melliebooo Says:

    @ThatBeastyOreoNinja wow i bet when u made this comment you were laughing ur ass off, get a life

  13. melliebooo Says:

    @OnceThereWasMusic do u need you ears tested?? or are ya just getting old

  14. melliebooo Says:

    @ladycupcake22 just because you suck you dads d!ck doesn’t mean u need ta hate on good songs

  15. hakunabuzuna Says:

    @ladycupcake22 -____-’ go away psycho

  16. Asperuaca Says:

    this is how I feel every day

  17. Asperuaca Says:

    she hot

  18. ladycupcake22 Says:

    @hakunabuzuna i am suck bitch

  19. GunGraveTZA2 Says:

    @LiMissCati2009 Yeah I know saving people the hassle of bothering to look up that comment.

  20. LiMissCati2009 Says:

    @GunGraveTZA2 robyns not fat

  21. hakunabuzuna Says:

    @ladycupcake22 u are suck

  22. hakunabuzuna Says:

    @sopAemm3 TOTALLY ^___^

  23. domacbleky Says:

    0:15 unbelieveable HOT!

  24. filds1 Says:

    she is ogglllyy

  25. sopAemm3 Says:

    Robyns actually super pretty e_E

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