When downloaded onto the computer, is the game "Full Tilt Poker" for real money?

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Question by Ariel123: When downloaded onto the computer, is the game “Full Tilt Poker” for real money?
My 21 year old brother recently downloaded the game “Full Tilt Poker” onto our laptop and he is on this game all day and night! He tells me and my mother that he’s not playing with real money, but he can possibly win real money. Yet, how is this possible if he’s not offering them real money in the first place? He doesn’t have a credit card or a debit card….that we know of….but I don’t see a way he could sneak one past us since his only income that we know of comes from his unemployment which he gives to my mother. I don’t know if he’s still selling drugs or not but I mean I guess if he reallyyyy wanted to, he could somehow have a credit card account that we don’t know about, but I don’t know if he would go to such lengths just for some stupid game. I mean, he plays for real money almost every weekend with his buddies and, quite frankly, I think he’s too lazy to hide a credit card account from us….

All I want to know is if it’s possible that this Full Tilt Poker game really is with fake money, or if he’s just lying to us….please let me know!! I know for a fact that he has an account (login name and password) and that he plays with other people that have usernames, but I’m not sure how the game itself works. Any feedback would help me! Thank you for your time!

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Answer by Tyler
Full Tilt has both real money tables and play money tables on their site. A lot of people play with play money and a lot of people play with real money. There are tournaments that you can play in called freerolls that are free to enter but a certain amount of people depending on the size of the tournament can earn real money if they finish high in these tournaments. It is not a lot of money but some money can be won and then taken to be played on real money tables. For example there is a freeroll every night for U.S. players only at about 9 P.M. and the prize pool is 0. There are always 7500 players and only the top 90 get paid, 1st place gets . It is harder to make it to the final 90 in these tournaments then real money tournaments because obviously it is a free tournament and a lot of players don’t care how they play and they can take you out of the tournament playing a hand they normally wouldn’t play in a real money game. It is very hard building a bankroll playing these free tournaments but it can be done over time. One of the best players in the world did a challenge where he started with and played in these tournaments until he earned enough money to play real games because his goal was to make ,000. It took him 7 months to earn .50 so I doubt your brother is already gone from free tournaments to decent sized real money games. Most likely he is playing with play money with an occasional freeroll because those tournaments always have a lot of players and they take a long time to finish. If one of his friends has money on Full Tilt he can transfer money to your brother so that could have happened.

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5 Responses to “When downloaded onto the computer, is the game "Full Tilt Poker" for real money?”

  1. PepperAnn Says:

    You can play for real or play for free on full tilt. When you download it on your computer it does not mean you are playing for real money. You can play in freeroll (free to enter) tournaments there and have the chance to win real money without making a deposit of your own. They way these work is that you enter and play against a lot of other players and the top few win a prize, either cash or a seat in another tournament for cash or prizes.

    He may be telling the truth, because you can do that and a lot of people do, or he could be telling you that and possible playing with his own money too. The only way to find out for sure is to get his username and password and look in the “Cashier” section of the software to see the banking history. IF there is none, he is only playing the free tournaments. If you see deposits, well, you know he is lying.

    I really hope this helps you, and I hope he is telling the truth.

  2. LegFuJohnson Says:

    Could be either one. Sorry, can’t help you. Nice to know you don’t trust your brother.

  3. Willy Says:

    If you think he’s playing for real the easiest way for him to do that would be like someone already mentioned, getting a player to player transfer from a friend who has an account there funded. I think from what you have said though the odds are he is playing in the freerolls there trying to win a few dollars to use in the real games. And maybe also playing in the ‘fun money’ games side of it. As for having his own credir card, well I don’t know where you live but if you are in the US, credit card companies block transfers from going to gambling sites. That is US law they have to abide by. So in order to get money from a credit card into a gambling site he would have to be very creative.

  4. pdq Says:

    I know this is true for PokerStars, and I thought it was also true for Full Tilt. Please correct me if I’m wrong, folks!

    I’m quite sure if you go to FullTilt.NET you can only play for ‘play’ money. If you download from FullTilt.COM then you can use play money OR real money.

    So (if I’m right) if you want to be sure your brother is only using play money, uninstall the program and re-install it. Be sure you go to the .NET version of the Full Till website.

    If you want to check to see if I’m right, you could e-mail Full Tilt. (I’m only pretty sure I’m right.)

  5. jake b Says:

    Yes, he can play what are called freerolls and win real money from them. Once he wins real money he can then play in real money games.

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