What poker sites are reliable when it comes to playing with real money?

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Question by Trevino: What poker sites are reliable when it comes to playing with real money?
Okay I’m new to the poker web and I’m thinking about playing with real money and I just wanna know from personal experience what site do you guys recommend that doesn’t charge additional fees. I want to play online poker real moneys so badly online but, I don’t want to get does extra fees on my card. Thanks for your time!

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Answer by BigB
I have played on both FullTilt Poker and PokerStars and they are really good. I have never had a problem with either.

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  1. NoLimit Says:


    The most reliable poker sites are PokerStar and Full Tilt Poker.

    At Full Tilt Poker, you can have rakeback.

    For more info on Full tilt Poker and rakeback go to the websites below, it has also a list of all the payment option available for full tilt poker:

  2. GamblingMaster Says:

    When it comes to online poker stick to the biggest sites and you wont have problems. My favorite is fulltilt poker. Fulltilt poker is an online poker site launched with the involvement of a team of poker professionals, among them Howard Lederer, Phil Ivey, Andy Bloch, Mike Matusow, Jennifer Harman and Chris Ferguson. At http://www.gamblingsafe.net/online-poker-reviews.html
    you will find reviews of the biggest poker sites, hope that helps.

  3. Poker Says:

    All of the well known sites are reliable (Full Tilt, Chili, PokerStars, Titan). If you are nervous about making the leap to play with real money, I would suggest that you take an online poker school course. They are free and you get money (real money) from them to play with when you have finished the course, often after passing a quiz. This is a wonderful way to get your FREE starting capitol and then the leap doesn’t look quite so big.

    For an overview of the schools out there check out:

    PS. Why not go ahead and do them all!!

  4. vitamin-k├Ânig Says:

    Before you do anything get free poker training at the best Poker School on the net, plus free money and learn how to play poker properly.

    Poker is a complex game and you have to study it or you lose all your money and that’s it. Go to this Poker School first and learn all about it.

  5. Megan Says:

    The Internet is the most valuable search tool available.All top poker sites are very good to play at because they all offer plenty of action and good gambling opportunities. But they are not exactly the same and each site has its own advantage. The best poker site to play at really depends on what you are looking for. You can choose PokerStars.

  6. the gambler Says:

    ok read the beginner guide on: http://www.gamblingcarnival.com/beginnersguide.htm

    after that you can choose one of the truest and secure poker room on:http://www.gamblingcarnival.com/pokerrooms.htm

    good luck!

  7. jake b Says:

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