What Poker Game Suits you?

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What Poker Game Suits you?

In the world of poker, there are almost countless variations to choose from. One only has to find the right game that will suit his way of thinking, and the right techniques to master it, and this will bring him places. Poker indeed became very popular, for it merges chance and strategy together. This is very much important, since in the scheme of things, these two things come hand in hand when dealing with the changes life has to offer. Poker, we can say, puts the game of life on a table, for players to enjoy with.
There are about three categories in poker real moneys. These are the stud games, as exemplified by the 7 card stud, the draw games, as illustrated by the 5 card draw, and the shared hand games, as represented by the Texas Holdem, the most popular poker real money nowadays.
Stud games as with the seven card stud poker, have three to ten players that will join in the game. Each of the players will be dealt with two cards placed face down on the table. The third card will be dealt face up. A round of betting will follow. The fourth, fifth and sixth cards are then dealt and placed face up on the table. There will be another bout of betting. The seventh card is then dealt, followed by another round of betting. The player that holds the best cards wins the poker real money.
Draw poker, as with the five card draw poker, is played with three to seven players on a table. Five cards will be dealt to them, and a round of betting will occur. The players can opt to put down three cards in exchange for new ones depending on their preferences. Another variation on this is you can exchange up to four cards if you have an ace on your hand. After another round of betting, the player with the best hand wins the game.
Texas Holdem became popular because its rules are extremely easy to know, and playing it comes easy to a beginner. Two cards will be given to a player, followed by another three which is placed face up on the poker table, called the flop. A round of betting will then ensue. Another card placed face up on the table will be dealt to the player, and this is called the turn. Betting will again occur. The final card will be dealt again, this one now called the river. Another bout of betting goes on after the deal. The player will use the first two cards called the hole and any of the three from the table to put together the greatest five card hand. The greatest five card hand wins the game and collects the prizes.
Other variations of poker real moneys can also be played depending on the preferences of the players. All you have to remember is that you have to really master the game, and not let the game become master of you.

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