What new poker players need to know about rake

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What new poker players need to know about rake

Nothing is more difficult as a new poker player than building your bankroll. The game itself is challenging enough but on top of that there are quite a few basics that newcomers don’t even know about. One of the biggest factors to profitability that new poker players are usually unaware of is rake and how it affects them. These new players are paying hundreds of dollars or more in rake a month and don’t even realize it.

What is rake you ask? Rake is how real money poker sites and casino poker rooms make their money. Every time a hand is dealt and makes it to the flop the casino gets a percentage of the pot. The bigger the pot the more money the site takes. There is nothing more frustrating that winning money in a poker session only to realize you practically broke even after rake. Now, granted over a few hands rake really doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but over a month and several thousand hands it really starts to add up and become a number that affects your bottom line.

What most new poker players don’t know is that poker sites are willing to give some of this money back to players in a promotion they call rakeback. See poker rooms need you to play at their tables and to entice you to play at their site over the competition they are willing to give you a cut of the profits they take from your tables. Many of these sites are willing to offer anywhere from 25 – 45% plus bonuses! Rakeback can be so substantial that it can turn break even or even slightly losing players into positive, bankroll growing players. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting down at your favorite table only to notice you have a few extra buy ins in the bank. Not only will this increase your bankroll but for new players it can help them stay profitable while they learn the ropes of the game.

So stop throwing away your hard earned money to the poker sites and get your cut of the profits today! Head over to Phaine.com’s Rakeback site and start getting rakeback immediately.

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