what does the term "sucked out" in poker mean?

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Question by hotsauce919rr: what does the term “sucked out” in poker mean?

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Answer by Mrl
It means that using the community cards and your weaker pocket to beat someone who has the lead based on their pocket cards.

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  1. Father Ashley Says:

    It really means that a sucker got lucky to beat a far superior hand. So more or less what the previous guy said. Most people think the luck factor is far greater than it really is. A good player will pound a “lucky sucker” in the long run.

  2. DarkWolf Says:

    To suck out is to catch a lucky draw in a hand you probably shouldn’t have be playing in the first place.

  3. Paul Says:

    You’ll find a complete glossary of the most common poker terms here…


  4. poker5495 Says:

    It actually means that you got beaten by a very lucky card on the river. Most happens when there is about a 5% or less chance of winning.

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