what does the term "IoI" mean, in the chat room in the online poker room?

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Question by TAG: what does the term “IoI” mean, in the chat room in the play online poker real moneys room?
when i am in the poker room, some of the people will use that phrase.

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Answer by danac210
Laugh out loud

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49 Responses to “what does the term "IoI" mean, in the chat room in the online poker room?”

  1. juan_69b2001 Says:

    laugh out loud, its an acronym

  2. sweetthang Says:

    laugh out loud

  3. stanleys_2001 Says:

    Laughing out loud

  4. new_blue_horizon4me Says:

    Laugh(ing) out loud!

  5. Simmy Says:

    they are just laughing at how bad you suck.

  6. Camilla Says:

    laugh out loud

  7. evilprincess Says:

    laugh or laughing out loud
    lmao – laughing my a s s off

  8. Biker Says:

    LOL= laugh out loud

    Lmao= Laugh My A$$ Off

  9. dollyfan Says:

    I think it means laugh out loud.I don’t know much about those little phrase things.

  10. Kai Guy Says:

    laugh out loud

  11. Dr. Buddy love Says:

    laugh out loud

  12. Jazzi Fizzle Says:

    laughing out loud

  13. zzninjja01 Says:


  14. anci Says:

    laughing all loud-I think so

  15. islandergirl_111 Says:

    it means laugh out loud!!!! LOL

  16. bosslady17872 Says:

    laugh out loud
    lots of love
    depends how it is worded in a sentence.

  17. Logan B Says:

    laugh out loud:duh

  18. Maria T Says:

    lol = laugh out loud
    rofl=rolling on the floor laughing
    lmao=laughing my A– off

  19. Brozink Says:

    lick on lolly

  20. Jack the Ripper Says:

    My teacher put “LOL” as a comment on one of my papers!!

    Anyway, have you been living under a rock or something!! It means Laugh Out Loud.

  21. msjinx39 Says:

    laughing out loud

  22. wolfgirl00006 Says:

    Laugh out Loud, and if you see people writing lmao or lmfao, it means Laughing My A$$ Off, or Laughing My Friggen A$$ Off

  23. viv Says:

    Thanks for that question. I’ve been wondering for quite sometime now.

  24. tom_a_hawk12 Says:


  25. creativestarwish Says:



  26. Lindsay G Says:

    Laugh out loud.

  27. cactusbed Says:

    “Lack Of Liberty”

  28. Gwen Says:

    laugh out loud

  29. Melinda Says:

    Laugh out loud.

  30. Andrea Says:

    Laugh out loud you moron! Everyone knows that!

  31. Rockstar1361 Says:

    Laugh out loud!

  32. Coolio Says:


    Laugh out Loud. Variation: lots of luck, lots of love, lots of loosers, and in rare cases, lots of loonatics :) .. But most people know it as laugh out loud. you may also see these:

    Lmao: laughing my a$$ off.

    Brb: be right back.

    g2g/gtg: got to go.

    Wtf: what the _ _ _ _ Variation: wth, what the hell.

    rofl: rolling on floor laughing Variation: Roflmao rolling on floor lauhging my A_ _ off.

    omg: oh my god/gosh. Variation: omfg. i dont wanna explain.

    Ttyl: talk to you later.

    Thats mostly all you need to know to be a online chatter :D

    Good luck on poker… LOL (hehe)

  33. mak_nit_crimson Says:

    lots of love,lots of luck.

  34. Dark Angel 333 Says:

    Lots of Luck…
    Lots of Laughs…
    If it’s with Ladies,Lots of love…

  35. nagaem2005 Says:

    laugh out loud

  36. Luvnu_always baby Says:

    LOL=Laugh out loud
    LMAO=laughing my ass off
    LMFAO=laughing my fuckin ass off
    ROFLMFAO=Rolling on floor laughing my fuckin ass off

  37. steph b Says:

    laughing out loud

  38. cooldude313us Says:

    Laugh out loud, its an acronym, just to express laughter or something to that effect

  39. whoeddy Says:

    Lots of Luck or Lot of Laughs and Lot of Love or ??

  40. fireslayer199 Says:

    laugh out loud

  41. mitchec725 Says:

    laugh out loud

  42. eye_in_skyguy Says:

    I think you know by now after forty some odd answer you twit lol!

  43. Man Coon Says:

    It is online slang for laughing out loud.
    There are other things that you might see such as:
    brb: be right back
    afk: away from keyboard
    lmao: laughing my a*s off
    rofl: roling on the floor laughing
    l337: Started in an online role playing game where you had to use your mouse to do most things and to compliment someone you would say 31337 with your left hand (eleet) to quicken things. l337 means that something is really cool in an extremely nerdy way.
    nvmd: nevermind
    wtf: what the f*ck
    idk: I dont know
    asl: age/sex/location
    gtg: got to go
    n00b: Means newbie, a terrible insult only fully understood by the nerdy croud.
    pir: parents in room
    paw: parents are watching
    pron: people say pron when they want to say p0rn but still want to get around the filter.

    Hope this helped

  44. ep2077 Says:

    “what does the term “IoI” mean, in the chat room in the online poker room?”

    LMAO :)

  45. muttlone Says:

    laughing out loud

  46. rfitzy12 Says:

    laugh out load omg wtf

  47. Chubbsy Wubbsy Says:

    laugh on loser

  48. goldeneagle Says:

    i use to think it meant lots of luck or lots of love but i found out it means lots of laughs

  49. Yuliya Says:

    lol means laugh out loud

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