What does the term "cooler" mean in poker?

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Question by eighthousand: What does the term “cooler” mean in poker?
I still new to this game maybe under a year of really playing, but I also hear this term, but not really sure what it means.

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Answer by ♫♥Ceazer♥♫
it means you are holding an ace in your butthole.

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4 Responses to “What does the term "cooler" mean in poker?”

  1. Toni Says:

    Possibly it could be the same as playing on tilt which means your mad and not playing smart.
    Your Frustrated!

  2. LegFuJohnson Says:

    A cooler means that you had a really good hand, your opponent just happened to have a better one. Nothing you could do, you couldn’t have played the hand any differently, you lost all your chips (usually), but don’t worry, it was just a cooler.

    Having pocket Queens against pocket Kings…

    Having a pair of 6′s against a pair of 7′s, and the flop is A-6-7.

    Holding 8-9, and the flop is 5-6-7 and your opponent has 5-5 and then hits the full house.

  3. Rakeback Safe Says:

    Don´t listen to the 2 first answers.

    LegFuJohnson is spot on.

    A cooler is when you and your opponent both have very strong hands that are almost impossiple to laydown, and in most cases both players play their hands “right” and did nothing wrong, hence a “cooler”

  4. Rex Says:

    A cooler is when you are dealt a very strong hand only to have your opponent be dealt an even stronger hand. There usually is no way you can avoid losing all of your chips in instances like these. Most obvious example is being dealt KK when opponent is dealt AA.

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