What does a poker player get if he is sponsored by a poker site?

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Question by Pete: What does a poker player get if he is sponsored by a poker site?
There are many players who get sponsored by poker sites like PokerStars, Full Tilt and others. Can someone tell me what all does a sponsorship entail? The more detailed an answer the better.

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Answer by LegFuJohnson
Different deals have different perks. I doubt they are all the same.

The biggest thing is buying into tournaments. Joe Hachem isn’t paying ,000 to play in the main event, Pokerstars is.

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  1. Royally Flushed Says:

    Like most sponsorships (Racers, skateboarder, surfers, and other pros), they get paid a lot of money for a sponsorship contract that can last for a year or more. This means that their name, games, gear are “owned” by the company, which means they have to wear their name on shirts, appear in their commercials, do company mall or net appearances, interviews, promotions, etc.. or whatever the company would want or as stated in their contracts..

    So in conclusion, they get a lot of money and a lot of free stuff.. who doesn’t want to be a sponsored poker player?

  2. Tyler Says:

    I play mostly on Full Tilt Poker and this is an idea of what sponsorship will get you there and it isn’t much different from other sites……..

    100% rakeback

    $35 per hour for every hour they play on the site

    Bonuses for… if player appears on TV with logo of site, makes the final table, wins the TV tournament

    Players are encouraged to play at lower stakes sometimes as part of their deal

  3. Robert R Says:

    dont play on internet
    thats all rigged
    fulltilt, pokerstars, all those sites, THEY are the sharks.
    their players play as a team in tournaments giving away chips to build stacks and thats the only reason they get to the money so often.

    evrybody is getting rich from people who believe it takes skill to play poker. thats BS.
    it takes luck. only luck. in live poker there is more skill involved because u can read your opponent behaviour at the table, but online? pure luck.

    no skill. pure luck. just look at how cada won the wsop. thats luck, and the guys who lost to him were the unlucky ones, and the problem with poker and the reason why its all about luck is that there is no limit to the amount of consecutive bad beats u can take with a river or AA all in pre flop getting beat.
    those players are paid to encourage people to give those sites millions of dollars a year hoping to become one of them.
    if it was possible to make a living from playing poker, earning lots of money, none of these so called good players would need sponsorship. they would be rich anyway and free from contract obligations, and not sharing their profit with the site.
    they cant make it on their own.
    its all a gigantic con in a society where people are easily lured by promisses of money and fame.
    and back in the days when there were no poker sites pro players resorted to cheating like dealing from the bottom and pretending not to know eachother to take the fish money.
    making regular profit from playing pker is impossible unless there is cheating.
    and people cheat whenever and wherever they can so u think there is no cheating online??

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