"Weird Al" Yankovic- Polka Face (with lyrics)

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LIST OF SONGS USED: “Liechtensteiner Polka” (traditional) [forgot to mention in video, oops ._.] “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga “Womanizer” by Britney Spears “Right Round” by Flo Rida ft Kesha “Day ‘n’ Nite” by Kid Cudi “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum “Baby” by Justin Bieber ft Ludacris “So What” by Pink “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry “Fireflies” by Owl City “Blame It” by Jamie Foxx ft T-Pain “Replay” by Iyaz “Down” by Jay Sean ft Lil Wayne “Break Your Heart” by Taio Cruz ft Ludacris “The Tick Tock Polka” by Frankie Yankovic “Tik Tok” by Kesha “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga (Reprise) “Whatever’s Left Over Polka” by “Weird Al” Yankovic So yeah, his new album is pretty fucking awesome, go get it. :D Anyway Sorry for the laziness/lack of effects etc. I had a more edited one made before, but my comp just decided to crash in the middle of it so I lost all data -.- Anyway, yeah, here you go, There were no lyric sites for this specific song so I had to look up all the songs xD but yeah enjoy, even though most people won’t watch this. Or read this. So if you see this, you win a cookie. c: [oh, and the extended letters at the end were necessary. :P ]
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Kelly Clarkson gets on stage with the infamous Metal Skool on the sunset strip and drinks whisky straight from the bottle as she sings some classic G’n'R
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “"Weird Al" Yankovic- Polka Face (with lyrics)”

  1. rooster5man Says:


  2. BlueDevilStrong1227 Says:

    I his “Just Eat It” (Just Beat It)

  3. MuzicIzLife2012 Says:

    Best. Five. Minutes. Of. My. Life!

  4. breathecarolina1359 Says:

    This dude is hilaious

  5. mianu91 Says:

    the song sound like its from a foreign country :l

  6. tesseraehonor Says:

    I like the animation!

  7. NoahTakai Says:

    @BaconWrappedCupcake girl on X factor sung a pretty good version of Baby

  8. Shoavak Says:

    My favorite Weird Al song. Ever.

  9. EasyExpertVillage Says:

    OMG. we’re in the future. Future Beiber.

  10. mUsIcRoX97XD Says:

    amazing!!..HAHA..YAY…I LIKE COOKIES;))

  11. Zurnmusic Says:

    The man !

  12. Inkincfan22 Says:

    @BaconWrappedCupcake true that dude

  13. MizzisRyuzaki Says:

    4:30 I laugh like crazy

  14. supermusiclover56 Says:

    i still cant belive that i saw him in concert lol YOU ARE AWESOME AL!!!!!!

  15. TheDGrayFan Says:

    I actually managed to almost hold a straight face through the entire thing. Then he started yodeling and I died.

    I freakin love Weird Al.

  16. blingbubblee Says:

    This is soooooooooo cool.

  17. sugargirl187 Says:

    i love this song so much i can remeber this song by heart

  18. cowboycolts Says:

    a a a a alcohol a a a a alcohol lol

  19. koolgirl370 Says:

    love this song ;D

  20. gageima Says:

    @BaconWrappedCupcake Amen my friend, amen.

  21. SlimGamer05 Says:

    And the Best part is… Theres no Dislikes :D

  22. pricelessgirl24 Says:

    i luv this ;)

  23. BaconWrappedCupcake Says:

    Wow. Justin Bieber songs are pretty good without Justin Bieber.

  24. kikii155555 Says:

    This is one of the coolest songs I have ever heard.

  25. Cubachick4109 Says:

    this vid is soooo funny

  26. VanderbilttSays Says:

    Satchel is so adorable :3

  27. misterbarbister Says:

    Fuck! Kelly Clarkson is legit

  28. sw1000xg Says:

    Yellow card are fucking crap!

  29. 006sick Says:

    Kelly used to date Ryan from Yellowcard? Are they still together??? haha they were both So fucking Drunk!!!
    ps: did’n know Steel Panther used to had another name

  30. rinnah1168 Says:

    that stupid yellow card guy should just get off the stage and shutup. he’s so extra! trying to steal the spotlight!!!

  31. 4everyellowcard Says:

    STFU GUYS! Ryan Key (Yellowcard guy) Beat the shit out of everyone in this video, watching this video and everyone you know, know of or will ever know.

  32. 4everyellowcard Says:

    @SamBarakat18UIO I love you. Lol

  33. MsStereohearts Says:

    oh poor kelly…

  34. iMarduk Says:

    @SamBarakat18UIO lol

  35. SamBarakat18UIO Says:

    Who the fuck is that Yellowcard guy? Errr….probably the most talented musician out on the stage. YC! YC! YC!

  36. lunksmoo Says:

    Have never really been a big fan of Kelly Clarkson, but the second time she sings “Photograph”; WOW! Seriously, there are only about 10 people alive who could have ever hit that key with that much power. And most of them couldn’t have hit it while being filled with all that whiskey!


    This video made me wanna fuck Kelly Clarkson. Our children would be talented as fuck…

  38. ReapersShredder Says:

    kelly klörkson,now she’s fuckable

  39. wheresgrunewaldo Says:

    WoW! Hell Yeah! Love Kelly Clarkson! Listening to a lot of Kelly Clarkson, Hey You!, Paramore, Avril Lavigne, Joan Jett, and No Doubt!…. Cuz girlzzzz rock!!!

    Hey You! is still pretty new, but they’re waaaay dope. Rock/Pop/Punk with a real cool edge. Plus they’ve got a pretty cute chick singer  ;-) …check em out…

    search “hey you band taking over”

  40. littlesevenfold Says:


    well that happens from time to time

  41. TheVoodooeffect Says:

    how can that yellowcard guy fail so beeeep hard… hurts for ears

  42. inventiontension Says:

    Yellow card guy is a HACK 7:47

  43. edge1andre Says:

    Steel Panther trying to fuck a famous girl

  44. beckysauce02 Says:

    wut up, check out my justin b exclusive vide0 that i placed on my pr0fiIe

  45. tnisgrl16 Says:

    Poor ryan key been dragged on stage(1:04). To all the people saying he’s crap, go to one of yellowcard concerts!! You’ve no ideawhat you’re on about. He obvs doesn’t have kelly’s voice but he can sing and give a hell of a performance!

  46. 204union Says:

    Jack Daniel’s and ROCK – CNBC thursday August 4th at 10p eastern. TITANS.

  47. kissupbaby4 Says:

    @fullblastman he’s the lead singer from yellowcard

  48. kellybrianne1990 Says:

    Ahahahah I love her.

  49. peachy3679 Says:

    ahahahahahaha shes drunkk

  50. XxPunkerchik16xX Says:

    that must have been an amazing show live!

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