Weird Al – Polka Face medley live in Tulsa OK – Lady Gaga Justin Bieber Kesha Pink cover

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Weird Al opens his show at the Brady Theater in Tulsa with a Polka medley. Full of familiar songs, accordion solos and bubbles

Spanish Train is one of my favorite songs by Chris De Burgh. I made a slideshow for this song. Please leave a comment if you like.
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47 Responses to “Weird Al – Polka Face medley live in Tulsa OK – Lady Gaga Justin Bieber Kesha Pink cover”

  1. BookLover312 Says:

    so my friend tells me look this up after he saw them live and i click this video and all i can say is WOOOOW that was fantastic XD

  2. RichardCannonwalker Says:

    Finally! All the pop songs I despise made into something beneficial for mankind. THANK YOU AL!!!

  3. rocknroll1343 Says:

    id listen to these songs if weird al sung all of them. much better than original versions

  4. purrbomber Says:

    2 people have never kissed a girl.

  5. superlegoninja101 Says:

    is this the knoxville concert

  6. rach1and1tiff Says:

    Who laughs when they hear “Baby”, “I kissed a Girl”, and “Fireflies” come out of his mouth?

  7. squidy2343 Says:

    I really regret not seeing him at the MN state fair. I hope he comes back

  8. DarthOptimus207 Says:

    @meghan1872 you are a faggot and you suck go to hell
    (I’m just kidding (-: , but I’m SO JEALOUS)

  9. meghan1872 Says:

    I was luck to see him at 6 flags for free! SECOND ROW!

  10. meghan1872 Says:

    I look up to him! <3

  11. ryan12369874 Says:

    @xul99 i wish he would make a full version of them all lol

  12. MoviManATL Says:

    @starqz I’m jealous. Must’ve been an amazing show! I’ll have to see when he passes through my city.

  13. starqz Says:

    I LOVE Weird Al! So lucky I got to see him, 3rd row in this show!

  14. imweird21 Says:

    lol wow awesome just awesome

  15. Girlsinblack1411 Says:

    Britniey Spears

  16. NarutoChik7 Says:

    he needs a haircut it makes him look like a hippy and his voice doesnt help….but his lyrics are cool

  17. yishaimiron Says:

    he’s such a genius!!!!….

  18. xul99 Says:

    All these songs are so much better when Al sings them..

  19. colossal163 Says:

    Anyone could convert this video to mp3 and download at

  20. megadoglover99 Says:

    @SporkyMuffins shut your face:)

  21. pepperannehanson Says:

    @mikeysrose Part of it. I was working when they streamed it and i haven’t really found a decent one on youtube yet.

  22. mikeysrose Says:

    @pepperannehanson Did you see the interview they did with him at Live@hnet?
    (I hope that’s not considered spam…)

  23. pepperannehanson Says:

    @mikeysrose Yeah and apparently got to hang out with him at some point. lol Two of my favs…Hanson and Weird Al…in one room…that may be just too much awesome to handle!

  24. SporkyMuffins Says:

    Anyone know where I can download this?
    Oh and Weird Al pwns Beiber. Suck it Justin Man Whore

  25. 192051ful Says:

    Gosto dele mas sem duvida que esta é a minha preferida. Lena

  26. lazfuel Says:

    A Great Song by a True Artist. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  27. xaxa835 Says:

    perfect video for this great song

  28. rntbprz Says:

    How come i get the feeling the devil should look like ‘Doc’ Holiday in this song?
    great song

  29. marco29a Says:

    Nice montage!

  30. TeknoKraftProd Says:

    Such good stories they told in the music of this time.

  31. darkangelsc100 Says:

    excellent vid……………anyone know link for the pic at the 2.05-2.11min image

  32. TheDom1231 Says:

    excellento…. !!! really good show1

  33. XDslottXy Says:

    two words…fkin nice )

  34. lfcjay100 Says:

    the lord god(joseph) and satan(money) are now playen pokerrrrrr?–we are a world with eyes without a face—

  35. themastertag Says:

    joker is the name poker is the game :D :D cool words

  36. jotunblod100 Says:

    Great combination of those slides with this great song. Good job man

  37. oEverlastingSerenity Says:

    spanish train has to be my all time faviourite album <3

  38. 58sjoerdina Says:

    @kingsil  /one of my favs of his

  39. WWalton1996 Says:

    Simply… awesome.

  40. dumbie999 Says:

    Yeah good job mate great tune great slideshow too :)

  41. TheMashmeister Says:

    11 people who disliked that song lost in poker

  42. iheartgandhi1 Says:

    Ive got chills!

  43. will234iam Says:

    perfect song!!!! very nice presentation.
    suits us 100%!!! greetings from greece.

  44. amrohanafy Says:

    Good Job Friend

  45. seckretsx55 Says:


  46. dilawj Says:

    one of my favorite songs by chris too … lovely slideshow for a beauty exiting song !!
    go !

  47. SuddenSparkles Says:

    ahhh medievalists

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