Water Boat Poker Strategy Video: The Life of a Grinder #33

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Water Boat talks about what it is like to play poker for a living. From facebook poker, to yahoo poker, to freerolls on Full Tilt; water boat has seen it all. He is no longer blessed with milk from his sister’s breast, and so he reflects on his hardships and successes. Other water boat strategies include: All in value. Poker strategy video, the importance of knowing the value of your hand when you are all in. Learn how to play poker with an erection as well as how to induce misclicks, and how to win more pots and make crazy bluffs. Some cool online pros are: Omgclayaiken Durrr Phil Golfond Tom Dwan WPT final table WSOP PAD poker after darkyoung kid teaches people how to build chip leads fast, as well as what to eat in order to prosper in poker. Part one of my latest online poker video, I play an MTT, and 9 handed SNG and a HU SNG. If you like poker chip tricks view my other video with Pokemon music in it. Keywords: Online Poker. Rigged in the butt. Play the LAGy way. And you will bang chicks all day. Phil Ivey David Benyamine Patrik Antonius (so sexy) None of these jokers have the skill to beat all stakes. Watch and learn from a true online poker pro. Biggest Pot in online poker history at the micro stakes. (And by biggest, I mean one of the biggest in a 100bb capped game) MTT SNG Tourny This guy crushes every game. David Benyamine, and Phil Ivey, all built up his bankroll. Online poker player wins millions of dollars playing penny tables! High Stakes Poker Phil Hellmuth
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25 Responses to “Water Boat Poker Strategy Video: The Life of a Grinder #33”

  1. HoopiesGoThrough Says:

    I’ve started answering the phone with the sigh that he does at the start of some of his videos.

  2. horsinarounddoc Says:

    Are you available? Sounds like you would make a great husband!

  3. AlexHawn5 Says:


  4. Valeriu1992 Says:

    this is epic

  5. oryansdream Says:

    lmao this guy water boat is so far from good at poker, he literially says stuff that dont make any sense, holla if u hear me

  6. firmwire Says:

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  7. RadioChris13 Says:

    @bettybeefcake haha i hear ya. it is definitely a joke and i think hes really funny at times. its so sarcastic and dry that there are many who will take him seriously and think he’s insane. im sure thats whats he wants!

  8. bettybeefcake Says:

    I truly hope these videos are meant to be a joke…

  9. DerniereFan Says:

    the more i watch this video the more i believe he need serious psychiatric help ~

  10. DerniereFan Says:

    why the fuck did u play that pocket Kings like that ?!!?!? are u retarded ?!?!

  11. DerniereFan Says:

    dude what kinda grinder r u ?! ure a freeroller who doesnt have a good poker rank ! -72% ROI ~

  12. NegreanuDan81 Says:

    Nice. Okay I will hook you up my full tilt poker ID is huplu3999 :]

    And yes
    Full Tilt the other day announced on their twitter fansite that a new player can now go to their webpage, then make a account using the code SPECIALS.
    It’s a pretty amazing promotional offer. Your 1st deposit will be DOUBLED oh and a couple other important perks. Its limited to the first 2000 people that sign up using this

  13. TomislavP1000 Says:

    @GOTSMOKEDv2 LOL dude you just dont get it,this is a joke

  14. Hamnet8592 Says:

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  15. GOTSMOKEDv2 Says:

    i dont really understand your play, fold JJ but raise with 10-4. I mean you won with 10-4, but its almost as bad as Hellmuth mucking QQ with 6 big blinds. I mean you have 6 big blinds left with JJ and you are looking at a min raise from the SB. I would think you need to shove or at least call unless you have a dead read on him. There are only three hands that beat you. I wouldnt fold the third nutz with six big blinds left, unless I KNEW I WAS BEAT

  16. pj4275 Says:

    LMFAO! “damnit see you guys next time” lmfaoo!

  17. natalie35295 Says:

    full tilt poker is the best site to play in tbh, loads of newbies making it easy to win lol

    theres a bonus code: GRAB600 – if u use that on full tilt poker u get 600 dollars free!

  18. J0ker4u Says:

    “7 digits! might have been 6 digits! Might have been 3 I dunno! I wasn’t counting the digits!”

  19. J0ker4u Says:

    out bad*

  20. J0ker4u Says:

    this guy gets it ingood and he gets it in bad!


  21. BobbyNutzzz Says:

    You are the greatest!

  22. etek1999 Says:


  23. gh3maniac1337 Says:


  24. gimmeamedic Says:

    If u want to download a Card Revealer for pokerstars and full tilt /watch?v=k7wc5P9ltLQ

  25. massakahools Says:

    u sucks !!!
    talkin about that u a the greatest u are a cook sucker nothing else

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