Water Boat Online Poker Tips: How To 15 Bet With 4 High (#25)

October 17, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

The second season of gder01′s play online poker show kicks of with aggression. We take a simple hand, 4 high, and show you how to play it aggressively. If you wanna play play online poker, you need to understand the loose aggressive play is the way to win pots. HSP5 HSPs5 HSP season 5

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25 Responses to “Water Boat Online Poker Tips: How To 15 Bet With 4 High (#25)”

  1. 69CheeseonToast69 Says:

    @ODAR69 this is why the lowest stakes are a lottery in all poker sites.

    Thanks Water boat. I now know how to 15 bet someone. Now it’s time to win me some money :)

  2. zaki555666 Says:

    Poker gder01 waterboat penis

    funny shit!

  3. morristownstudeb Says:

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  4. suppersready45 Says:

    “living the life, gambling, making hundreds of dollars every second” .. why u with your grandma then? sorry

  5. thefunkyborg Says:

    “i’m trying to pick up a read here” quote at around the 10th reraise hahahah. man you’re awesome

  6. dark6hole6 Says:

    be nice to her ! man my gramma died and i realized that she was not going to be there

  7. YouthNationalChamp Says:

    This has got to be a joke haha. I mean he is so stupid its funny.

  8. ODAR69 Says:

    I cant bealive the guy 15 bet KJ pre-flop, and call All in on the flop with K high.

  9. rooseveltsimonso Says:

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  10. machinelikeasifi Says:

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  11. CollinPokerTips Says:

    @jaymac87b failing bragging fucknut :p

  12. brandonsmith666 Says:

    @Olekander haha.

  13. apprehensiveinsigni Says:

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  14. jaymac87b Says:

    this guys videos are GOLD! ive looked up his stats on bluffmagazine….they guy is really only a mediocre player…..i mean his avg buy in is 2-3 times mine is…and ive made like 3 times the amount he has…..but these vids are obviously for jokes and to make ppl laugh…..so chill out ppl

  15. Olekander Says:

    @brandonsmith666. How is insulting people over your failures, gonna solve anything? Also, better get out of the house, you’re gonna flood it with your tears and drown.

  16. brandonsmith666 Says:

    @Olekander my english is bad? can you understand this: go fuck yourself in the asshole dipshit.

  17. Olekander Says:

    @brandonsmith666 . your english is aweful, and you’re as dumb as G.W bush.

  18. brandonsmith666 Says:

    @Olekander “shame on you, shame on you”…what pussy.

  19. Olekander Says:

    @brandonsmith666 why is that? cos you’re too fucking retarded to realise this is a joke video? lmao shame on you.

  20. brandonsmith666 Says:

    @Olekander you’re the fuckin donk asshole

  21. jamieboy60 Says:

    @Olekander how is it?

  22. Olekander Says:

    @jamieboy60 lol, study his videos. There is lotts of useful info in them ;)

  23. Olekander Says:

    @chadxinc PLEASE DONKS, read his guides, they give pricesless information away.

    I mean, who knew that T4off suit was a better starting hand than AA!?

  24. Olekander Says:

    @Budz56 retard, you are a fucking retard.

  25. Olekander Says:

    @brandonsmith666 LOL. YOU ARE THE DONK HE’S LAUGHING AT.

    This is a joke!

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