Video Poker Terms and Variations for Beginners

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Video Poker Terms and Variations for Beginners

Video poker refers to a game that needs real skill and is similar to 5-card draw poker – except with slots. Are you confused? Well, as in 5-card draw poker, players are given five cards and have to choose which ones they want to keep prior to trading in various unwanted cards. The traded cards will represent the overall hand that players will get payouts for, depending on the ones that they have. Instead of at a table, however, this game takes place on machines that are similar to slots, which online casinos are also able to simulate. Sometimes, online casinos even provide video poker with jackpots that are progressive to allow for bigger payouts.

Basic Video Poker Terms

Hands are the five cards that a person holds.

Complete hands are when players are dealt hands where every card makes a sturdy combination that could produce a flush, straight, four of a kind, full house, or straight flush.

Deuces are merely another way of calling number 2 cards within the card deck.

Draws consists of replacement cards that players get after trading cards in from the deal that they no longer want.

Double ups are when players are given the opportunity to bet double during video poker real moneys.

Full pays refer to games with the greatest schedules of payout and should therefore be played more often than other video poker real moneys whenever possible.

Multi-Play is provided at several video poker real moneys of online casinos and even lets players play ten hands at once.

Wild cards refer to cards that are put to use in place of any numbers so players can come up with the greatest hand combinations possible.

Multiple decks are when video poker real moneys make use of multiple card decks.

Bonuses are provided for various combinations of cards, such as straights or full houses.

Deuces wild refers to a common video poker type played in casinos on the internet. Each 2 card is considered wild and can replace any card of the player’s choice.

Video Poker Variations

Jacks or Higher would be the most common variation, where payoffs begin at pair Jacks. Such video poker real moneys tend to yield higher percentages of payoffs.

Tens or Higher is similar to Jacks or Higher, but begins with pair 10s.

Bonus video poker provides bigger bonuses when players get four of a kind.

Double bonus video poker is similar to Jacks or Higher but with bigger payouts for four of a kind Aces.

Double double bonus video poker provides even more options for payout compared to double bonus video poker.

Games of video poker are great and a lot of people enjoy them online. A lot of various versions are available for anybody to try out and proves to be an extremely fun pastime, as well.

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