Various Poker Strategies You Can Employ

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When playing poker, players use many different poker strategies depending on the opponents seated at the table, the type of hands you have had, the size of the- pot and the odds in the game. Deception is one of the main strategies you can employ to outwit your opponents and try to manipulate them into thinking that you have the winning hand. You may actually have the winning hand but in this game, you won’t know that until the end.


Bluffing is one form of a deception strategy in which you know that you have an inferior hand but you still place a bet or raise the bet. You can use a stone-cold bluff when you feel that if you raise the bet all the other players will fold. A semi-bluff means to place a bet on your hand in one round hoping that you will get better cards in the next round to improve your hand. One thing you do need to know about bluffing in poker and that is the situation in which it is advantageous for you to use this strategy. Sometimes it will work against you, such as when you have only a few or you have opponents who do have sufficient bankroll that they will meet any raise you bet.


Slow play is another deceptive strategy that is the opposite of bluffing. This means that you make a weak bet when you know you have a strong hand to lead others to think that they have the winning hand and draw them into the betting to increase the size of the pot. You can keep your opponents going by not raising their bets and by just playing along until the final hands are revealed.


Other strategies often used in poker include:

- Hand Reading. This is the strategy of making educated guesses about the cards your opponents are playing based on their actions and his/her past playing performances.

- Tells. These are detectable changes in an opponent’s actions or movements based on the cards they see. Once you have been playing with the same players for a while, you will learn to read their expressions, even though they try to maintain a poker face.


- Poker Face. With some players you can tell by their facial expression whether or not they have a good hand. Some of them already know what their telltale signs are and wear sunglasses to hide their eyes or try to hide their faces with large hats so that the other players cannot read their faces.

- Fake Tells. This is a strategy in which you can make your opponents think you have a good hand when, in fact, you don’t. They think they can read you and will therefore fold allowing you to move in and win the pot.


Stealing is a strategy similar to bluffing. In this strategy, you raise the bet even though you know that you don’t have a winning hand in hopes that other players will fold. 

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