Uniting Nations – Out Of Touch

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One guy, five sexy girls and one pack of cards spells trouble. Naturally, strip live strip poker is the only game on the table. United Nations sample the Hall

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50 Responses to “Uniting Nations – Out Of Touch”

  1. iiNGRiiDPA0LA Says:

    @huygtuy LOOOL, EXACTLY =D

  2. steadycred Says:

    His expression at the end of the video makes me think of Hugh Grant - “oh bugger”

  3. OUWATZAHLE08 Says:


  4. Aiantas85 Says:


  5. SuperJohanboy Says:

    lycky bastard hi is

  6. garrycorbett09 Says:

    hahaha this video is awwsome

  7. TheCynicLives Says:

    Every man’s dream poker game.

  8. buduci Says:

    He should have longer hair… :/ :D

  9. evilkitty75 Says:

    aint that just like a fuckin man LOL

  10. beba967 Says:

    nice SONG

  11. cymrutroll Says:

    She takes her knickers off in the uncensored version?

  12. megangx Says:

    the girl who takes the blue bra off looks like kate middleton!

  13. NecroraiserAndrija Says:

    Epic song, epic video !!!

  14. defy2k11 Says:

    @Princeduvent he`s a girl

  15. XProfesserXPePeX Says:

    saints row 2

  16. huygtuy Says:


  17. kavePizzaHunter Says:

    i know the brunettes name : Sophie Lovell Anderson WOOOHOOOO :D

  18. Widdekuu91 Says:

    ..who would play strippoker without any ‘clothes” on? I’d come over with six panties, 5 pair of socks, a lot of T-shits and skirts and dresses and a big furcoat, with extra heads and everything.

  19. scurniachiatta Says:

    I kinda have a crush on the girl dancing on the table. Does anyone know her name and number?

  20. yoo00ho00 Says:


  21. scurtualex21 Says:

    why the hell did that guy leave i would have stayed there at least 1 week

  22. scurtualex21 Says:

    why the hell did that guy leave i would have stayed their at least 1 week

  23. ZThanoon Says:

    shit wank

  24. timmy901 Says:

    Bojan playing poker with sexy women?

  25. MarkXbl Says:

    There is nice music with this porn

  26. primitzisgate7 Says:

    Hey i would like to hear you doing Don’t speak by no Doubt …its a beautiful song and i think it fits your voice !
    P.S I have loved all your covers !!

  27. kellyoxox Says:

    I was really touched ;) <3
    Its such a great cover
    And your voice just Gave me GOOSEBUMPS

  28. EnileveLovesMusic Says:

    WOW you have a great voice!!! I LOVE IT :)

  29. BronzyPink1092 Says:

    gadd i love your videos..you remind me of my best frienddd..gorgeous and beautiful voice…and love the makeup :)

  30. Mariyasha Says:

    First of all, i think i broke the replay button!!! >.< and second, you make this song sooo beautiful. Its very soothing (: it makes me feel like in a different place! Love love love your cover!!!!! You’re such an inspiration.

  31. TalelCharf Says:


  32. SydneyR101696 Says:


  33. ohdangitzjules Says:

    you are the only person that i’ve seen cover this song that actually does the correct pronunciation on the hispanic names. this is why i love you’re my favorite <3

  34. aaadias Says:

    u sang that song better then gaga her self girl no joke lol. u should sing all around me buy flyleaf that would be awsome lol..:)

  35. spiky583 Says:

    I thought you were famous at first! thats how good u r well actually thats how great you r!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE THE VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. dondondon65109 Says:

    you made this song better then it was

  37. Anjaaa5862 Says:

    I love it!

  38. Nextbigthang10 Says:

    Are you mexican? hahaha
    If you aren’t what are you? Cause your fine! [:

  39. nenyflorin Says:

    you’re so beautiful :x And you have an amazing voice…good to you ;)

  40. angelenlared Says:

    great cover! =D

  41. xalicia12x Says:

    this is sooo gooddd. :)

  42. Lexii235 Says:

    haha i love it when you catch the end of your keyboard at the end!!
    i’m a massive fan of your work dellara :) keep the videos coming! i could watch them all day :) not in a stalker way or anything though aha x

  43. jezznicole Says:

    beautiful! :) 

  44. rodrjaim710 Says:

    such a strong voice, its gorgeous !!

  45. Klaudia0205 Says:

    hahahahahaha, couldnt stop laughing at the end bit. great cover though :)

  46. DellaraGorjian Says:

    @glamkat66 It’s the Lady Gaga lipstick from MAC! I think it was 15 dollars?

  47. glamkat66 Says:

    where did you get your lip stick and how much?

  48. missymymy247 Says:

    omg i luv dis

  49. XxSophiaaBabezxX Says:

    haha loved the ending i kept on replying it like just let me gooOOooo ” Phh “!! Lol well funny you we’r like dead seriouse then aswell

  50. jezznicole Says:

    its amazzzziinggg

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