Unbelievable Poker

October 26, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

High stack unbelievable online poker between Gus Hansen and Daniel Negreanu highest pot in high stack online poker history…..

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  1. mehedi5551 Says:

    His call on the flop with an overpair and a gut shot draw is fairly automatic, but the call on the turn I find a bit dubious. Anyway, i just got free 50 $ starting capital from PokerFrik site, gonna built it up to millions!

  2. mehedi5551 Says:

    Even in this case Antonius had over 22% equity, but the king on the river was of no use to him so theAshman103 took down the largest pot of the day. Btwn Antonius started poker with free 50 $ starting capital from PokerFrik website.

  3. zLEGENDz Says:

    @jakerolled Even in a live game, it’s almost impossible to fold in Negreanu’s position… especially playing against someone like Hansen.

  4. grindingitup Says:

    @Rex0pas yea but a sets a set! u dont call 4500 not to hit a 5…. haha gus is awesome , in the end he had 700 extra and lets daniel go for it… haha

  5. Rex0pas Says:

    @grindingitup lol daniel could easily had 7-8 thats why he said it

  6. 28dialtoes Says:

    @jayisthebest88 the pocket 5s (or pocket 9s) were the only hands that could beat dsaniels fullhouse, so it wasnt a bad call, he wasnt expecting that hand

  7. grindingitup Says:

    “wasnt too happy about the flop…. wen he flopped a set” i love the great dane LOLLL

  8. DrFundies Says:

    great check by gus on the river

  9. dailydols Says:

    sure negreanu is one of the best, that is why we watch him playing :-D

    but sometimes it appears to me that his mentioning all the possible hands that would make him win is missinterpreted by the commentators as good reading.

    but, of course, it is his final good decisions which do it!

  10. jayisthebest88 Says:

    I don’t want to act like a youtube poker pro, but that was a bad call by daniel.

  11. moyna21 Says:

    The first 1651 hands of durrrr’s new challenge against jungleman12 has just been played, and it is durrrr who has gotten off to the best start and has taken a $130K lead. It’s funny to know that Jungleman started his carrier with Pokerfrik free deposit for beginners!

  12. mehedi5551 Says:

    We all knew, however, that he would bounce back sooner or later. Anyway im wondering is those free 50 $ they offer on PokerFrik for real?

  13. 91Holdem Says:

    @jrferrio lol u sir r a fud

  14. 91Holdem Says:

    not unbelievable poker just an cooler

  15. Phillvey412 Says:

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    And yep
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  16. eric85parker Says:

    Well played man…… they must have done a great practice before that one…..will try with my online game…

  17. thetitan1988 Says:

    gus hansen is loose…but negreanu thinks that he’s check raising all in on a bluff?!

    negreanu got married to his hand because he never assumed that he might be beat at any point during the hand.

    not an easy fold but considering gus check-raised flop, value bet turn and check raised river pretty quickly….he’s not doing that on zilch.

    also give gus credit…checking the river means that he was sure that negreanu had a full house imo

  18. mehedi5551 Says:

    He staked Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi also in the Main Event (this is however just speculation). If anyone is looking for a free 50 $ starting capital, check Pokerfrik it worked well for me :)

  19. moyna21 Says:

    This challenge will obviously be a lot different from the one against Patrik Antonius. Antonius started his carrer with taking free 50 $ starting capital from Pokerfrik websie :)

  20. jrferrio Says:

    Daniel played very bad, he cant call this all in, even against Gus

  21. adham4ever12 Says:

    Are there some other sites like PokerFrik where you can get 50 $ deposit free?

  22. doriangraay Says:

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  24. bobkaize Says:

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  25. AcesInHole Says:

    @nathanrenard U think ur cool? No sack….yeah that’s right no sack….online poker is rigged….it fucking is…u dont no anything….its rigged

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