Ultimate Party Girl (CathyMay15) [REMIX]

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CathyMay15 partying
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Finally x) i promise Anne that i would end this video after all (: sorry that it was since December, i still have loads for videos to finish anyway lmao —————————————————- *watch in HQ* BACK UP ACCOUNT: www.youtube.com/JustShootingStar ———————————————— but this time i have a reason for everything what i did (: “Poker Face” couldnt get out of my head actually i did a dance with that too x) & since Blair is my favorite character… the first part of the video i played with the colors in grey & the colorful ones, to show like Blair is a multiple face. When she is sad & when she is happy. The cookies on the beginning is because of her life too. Everything is so perfect & so planned. That she needed to get into the reality. Thats why i used Nate & Blair clip after that. & when she started singing it was like all her life, a bit of it. starts with the parties, Georgie epi, Chuck one. In that not so right order anyway. her evil plans, all in differents ideas. The black & colorful playing with the ideas of the ones that are around here. the Jenny part it was obvious a important one. i did like a dream & actually in all the tv show Jenny is the only one who took Blair out of her queen place. She is always in grey, because she is like a past something that Blair would never think that would actually happen. & then we just have her evil plans & her fights. Always showing how she acts & how she is the most important

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50 Responses to “Ultimate Party Girl (CathyMay15) [REMIX]”

  1. Kimandru Says:


  2. MisterLollercaust Says:

    Hehe, you say this is the best remix ever. But where are the other ones?

  3. shaanongreene Says:

    thx for making this!!! :)

  4. airsjoa Says:

    DAMN!!!! she is sky high on something:D

  5. letterstocleo4 Says:


  6. WowVirre98 Says:

    0:18 looks like my teacher lol!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. abbe5511 Says:

    okey nice remix but WTF she looked that some one druged here o___O

  8. Darkfire889 Says:

    some1 who actually put effort in the remix

  9. cskalle1213 Says:


  10. gaiadisidia Says:

    Creepy girl….!!!

  11. Peiperkatt Says:

    omfg, this is amazing :D

  12. saywhatsarru Says:

    HAhahahaha IMMD!

  13. AleXxXheart5who Says:

    i wonder if CathyMay15 saw this yet….

  14. cRostyla88 Says:

    gorgeos what u’ve done with a pice of shit to smth rlly cool xD

  15. pseudonominous Says:

    Pure Genius!!

  16. girspaken Says:

    hahahaha! love it

  17. thuunis Says:


  18. BlackOpVidsForYou Says:

    WHITE PEOPLE loooooooooooooool

  19. nathaliestylee Says:

    Better then the original!

  20. Pettfettt Says:

    HAHA insane remix! haha! way better than mine!

  21. CorinneMauricio Says:


  22. BlackOpVidsForYou Says:


  23. holm8282 Says:

    Queen of WINK

  24. weaselxx Says:


  25. holm8282 Says:

    14 000 000 views or more!!

  26. ItsSeddierific Says:

    This is like the official Blair Waldorf song :)

  27. GGLuver001 Says:

    love it!!!!

  28. sat00ra Says:

    blair rocks ,, gotta love her <3

  29. englishgainer Says:

    This song suits her, about trying to be better and covering up for things, Blair rocks and this song is just so her !

  30. Eldnsova Says:

    cause aparently it’s too teen for me. I’ve seen worse… I was allowed to watch R movies in second grade, but for some reason this is worse. my parents are odd…

  31. AnalovesTequila Says:

    why not?

  32. Eldnsova Says:

    Blair’s awesome!!! i’m not really allowed to watch gossip girl though. -.-’ ah well.

  33. StArMaN6126 Says:


  34. sweetp22 Says:

    good job and nice editing :)

  35. BlairBR Says:


  36. bmkenny Says:

    “Dark Blue” – Jacks Mannequin (:

  37. bmkenny Says:

    thank you soo much (: & i have to agree too x) she is the best ever (:

  38. Pixestama Says:

    what was the first song

  39. sweeterthanhunni Says:

    Kay I’ll mail you.

  40. glamonicaa Says:

    This is such a good video!
    Blair my my favorite <3

  41. AnneJessaMei Says:

    where can i watch it? Im super into GG especially blair and chuck..

    please please let me know

  42. jasamforevernalways Says:


  43. bmkenny Says:

    same (:
    she is my favorite character EVER!

  44. x3strawberryOo Says:

    i love her!
    and i love this song.^^

    blair is so beautiful. <3

  45. bmkenny Says:

    Thanks x)
    and so do i lol

  46. kissa313 Says:

    I love it! And I love SoCo/Jack’sM. Ahh, you rock!

  47. gingersnapsbackatu Says:

    hehe thanks i’ll so check it out:D

  48. xoshellxoshellxo Says:

    YOU SHOULD! I know of a site where you can watch the episodes, because you are a bit late. But you have like 3 weeks!!! To watch them, and once you watch the first episode you’ll be addicted. This isn’t one of those spam sites, I swear, I strongly dislike those people. But if you want to know I’ll mail you. :)

  49. gingersnapsbackatu Says:

    you know what i gave never watched gossip girl but i think i might just start.lol lovely job awesome vid.:D

  50. bmkenny Says:

    thank you (:
    “Dark Blue” – Jack’s Mannequin

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