Turkish Instrumental Music Episode one

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25 Responses to “Turkish Instrumental Music Episode one”

  1. MattHardyFighter2012 Says:

    @pentogram23 Fucking idiot .. look at your username ? pentogram ? you realy mean pentagram satanic symbol and you mean us son of satan ? your parents sell his soul to devil :D brainwashed people! you can kiss satans ass hahahaahaha

  2. hinginana Says:

    i love turkish music, peace and respect from lubnan

  3. 000009000009 Says:

    wow  beautiful [♥]

  4. ginnnichi Says:

    @arabiannight100 Thank you , I can say the same about you and Saudia
    I didn’t catch your name

  5. arabiannight100 Says:

    its the most charming beaches in Turkey

    im from elsaudia
    love moroco :-)
    also moroco is amazing country

  6. ginnnichi Says:

    @arabiannight100 Unfortunately no , next vacation maybe ;)
    where are you from ?

  7. arabiannight100 Says:

    have u been to antalyia and Fethyie ?

    salam moroc :-)

  8. NomadFierce Says:

    Adam ağzıma sıçtı akşam akşam ya… Dershaneye gideceğim daha…

  9. ginnnichi Says:

    Lived with turkish people in the ukraine , visited turkey … that was the best experience in my life till now greeting from Morocco =)

  10. singularku Says:

    @Burgerman009 then mongol still would be on top

  11. Burgerman009 Says:

    i want the age where people fought with swords and shot with bow and arrow :/

  12. 2132zp Says:

    turkije altijd nr 1 baklava 1 vakantie 1 mensen 1 mesut ozil 1 heel veel plezier met turkije

  13. amel327 Says:

    Selam from Bosnia and Herzegovina !

  14. STEPHHenzo Says:

    Turkish people are reaaally nice. Greetings from Holland!

  15. ivandivandakor Says:

    @pentogram23 better to rein in hell than serve in heaven.

  16. GuLYaGMuRuM Says:

    Türk’ün farki ..

  17. elaguerrini Says:

    @333sajo i am with you mu brothers …selam from Bosnia …all best..

  18. mussaratsami Says:

    Greetings from United Arab Emirates..!!

  19. simona1991able Says:

    Greetings from ROMANIA…!!

  20. W4rhacKing Says:

    ah Turkey be Turkey you are the best of all <3 Love you from ALBANIA <3

  21. mrbetonbey Says:


  22. Emisarul Says:

    Greetings from Romania ! Great music ! Seni seviyorum, Turkey !

  23. tengriturkukorusun Says:

    @pentogram23 you think that you on the right way i tell you in this world you will never find the right way because god closed your eyes from the trut i`m not a person who scold people or makes people angry i hope you will find one day the right way and know the truth beacause allah the great knows what he does and whe as people needs him help

  24. pentogram23 Says:

    @tengriturkukorusun I think all muslims are doomed…its a fact of life……the White God hates all muslims…they are the devils children and all should die……..mater of time and the clock is ticking…………………….

  25. adiananda Says:

    super..greetings from bosnia…:)<3e

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