TubePoker – The New World of Poker – Part (1/2)

February 01, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Poker has grown in to its latest type, a new level of gambling !!!
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7 Responses to “TubePoker – The New World of Poker – Part (1/2)”

  1. karlw12345 Says:

    Ive played it….. Its not easy

  2. wizarrd1 Says:

    Was actually a short film, that was later put on current tv

  3. drongovids Says:

    just saw this on current tv on sky digital, pretty funny mockumentary

  4. amerikanerfreund Says:

    Kinda funny this … all the Chavs here in give me the heebie jeebies though..

    the marble mouthed guy in opening scene is a prime example of why one shouldn’t sniff glue….

  5. fullerforce Says:

    this was vc2 content

  6. whereismyplekky Says:

    you could rig it, just tell your mates to get on at a certain station lol.. the lead character dude needs a smack on the chin to sort his voice out.

  7. HelloOtter Says:

    how do flushes work in tube poker?

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