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January 05, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

just wanted to make a quick video to keep those of you who ask updated with some places to watch for me in the nexxxt couple of months on tv and in the movies!!!! I figured I’d make one of these for all seasons if you guys want to be in the know!!! Also wanted to make this just to kind of get it ALL out there like concrete, what I have and haven’t been on…..I try my best to answer all emails and comments but figured since these were some of the top most frequently asked questions, itd be worth a little video (couple more coming this weeeeek, promise!) xo Trish on TV Television The Car Show Makeout Couple/Modified Girl Co-Star/Speed TV Excused Herself Co-Star/CBS Tosh.0 Herself Co-Star/Comedy Central Millionaire Matchmaker Herself Co-Star/Bravo Judge Alex Herself Co-Star/Fox Critics Choice Awards 2011 Body Shots Girls Co-Star/VH1 Conan Football Player Co-Star/Warner Bros Ellen Speed Reader Co-Star/Warner Bros Explosiv Herself Lead/RTL (German TV) The Dish Herself Co-Star/Style Network The Insider Herself Co-Star/CBS Huge Camper Co-Star/ABC Family Supreme Court of Comedy Herself Co-Star/Direct TV Jimmy Kimmel Live! Supergirl Co-Star/ABC My Strange Addiction Herself Co-Star/Discovery Health Tim and Eric Awesome Show Eric’s Date Co-Star/Cartoon Network 1000 Ways to Die Herself Co-Star/Spike TV My Family Tree Extreme Character Co-Star/Pilot Tyra Herself Guest/CW America’s Top Day Trader Herself Co-Star/Pilot Fandemonium Herself Co-Star/SiTV Gimme my own Reality Show Herself
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25 Responses to “Trish on TV”

  1. Sarahthomas28 Says:

    Don’t talk to fast because some people can’t understand you

  2. sammygomez101 Says:


  3. bigleebrink Says:


  4. lowemission69 Says:


  5. TheTheheadshotn00b Says:


  6. madison2lover Says:

    @habiby12 we made you thts the song

  7. madison2lover Says:

    @NikKi1me4you can you tell me what eminem vedio she was in?

  8. madison2lover Says:

    what eminem vedio????

  9. BeautifulBubblyx Says:

    i don’t understand why your hair is grey?

  10. TheBbygirl99 Says:

    Do u still tan??

  11. hany1011 Says:

    I saw you in the music video for We Made You.

    Also, I saw you on My Strange Addictions.

  12. JasmineeeArr Says:

    What was song of Guns N Roses was she in?

  13. coolcheyenne4lol Says:

    what was the music video called u were on

  14. MirandaBrookelle Says:

    were you and your sister on judge alex?, ahaa.

  15. chloemariie96 Says:

    @habiby12 “we made you”

  16. sydneybrams Says:


  17. ShelbieeSavageMusic Says:

    I’m loving the Scream mask in the background.

  18. mychildhood24 Says:

    i just want to hit it

  19. habiby12 Says:

    @DeadMemories511 thanks babe!!

  20. DeadMemories511 Says:

    @habiby12 We made you

  21. huglivvy Says:

    so wait, all those shows like judge alex and my strange addiction is fakkke???

  22. habiby12 Says:

    whats the eminem song!!??

  23. callmepink1020 Says:

    What song is the Eminem song ur in the video for?

  24. MissPopeyes22 Says:

    Screw reality tv crap, you’re alot more entertaining and fun to watch! seriously! no insult here

  25. LeeLeeMareeTee Says:

    @joshenatorr2 Its a scream mask, how do you not know that! Ha.

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