Triple Charlier Tutorial

February 09, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video Hey guys and girls! Sorry for not being around recently, had a lot of difficulty finding free time really, however, summer in the UK is here and so I have my holidays and loads of free time to make you more tutorials This is the Triple Charlier, useful for advancing with one handed cuts, especially if you enjoy Dan and Dave technical cuts. So learn it and go play with it, the possibilites are really endless, there is so much more you can do with this great basic. Enjoy and cya round ;) Dan

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25 Responses to “Triple Charlier Tutorial”

  1. db120021 Says:

    My cards won’t fall if u drop my pinky, ring and middle finger…. What do i do wrong?

  2. warrenvazquez Says:

    it’s a little deceiving that he says you should learn the charlier cut first. because this doesn’t lead on exactly from the charlier cut. the grip has to be altered significantly. if you try to just work from the charlier, you won’t get far.

  3. RookieN08 Says:

    thanks! now i know kryptonite!! No need to spend 30buck on “Dan and Dave The System” lol

  4. Wa2ieN Says:

    cards n techno ??? who needs drugs??? now i’m addicted 2 triple charlier cut!!!

  5. rocnrolman Says:

    I can do this now ! it really just takes practice because I have small hands and the extension to get the cards to fall is actually simple once you figure it out. just keep trying and you”ll figure out a way.

  6. rocnrolman Says:

    I CAN SORTA DO IT NOW! I figured out you don’t really have to extend any farther than you normally do. It’s more, well i tighten my grip on the deck just before I split it with my index and then it just naturally lifts up which allows room for the cards to slip into my palm

  7. rocnrolman Says:

    I CAN SORTA DO IT NOW! i realized that you dont really have to extend any farther than you normally do, its more, well i sorta tighten my grip on the deck just before i split it with my index finger, then it naturally sorta lifts up which gives the cards enough room to slip into my palm

  8. rocnrolman Says:

    this is gonna take me like 6 months to learn, i dont get how you move your index finger away to get the cards under, i like move my thumb at the same time and the cards fall everywhere :l

  9. 123zeekman Says:

    why didnt they just call this the 3C. :)

  10. Ronnie9P Says:

    name of the song?

  11. Ronnie9P Says:

    i don;t understand the mechanic of it.
    i don;t understand where u put the index finger in order to slide the rest of the deck under the main deck..

  12. nossman8 Says:

    first try!:D

  13. Jonzz88 Says:

    Haha i watched the tutorial once and tried it a couple of times, but after a while i realised it was impossible and that I had to be doing it wrong. After watching it a second time I learned to do it in a couple of minutes. Great tutorial!

  14. sterilizer69 Says:

    make a Flippant change tutorial please

  15. dragonod Says:

    wow cool thanks for the tutorial, i have relatively small hands and its quite difficult to pull this off, but I really dont think that matters. I guess practice makes perfect. Keep up the good work!

  16. venadito7 Says:

    what is the name song???

  17. dj722000 Says:

    Well, nomatter your hands, my fingers dont move like that. I get a major cramp like instantly when I try to do this stuff. I even do simple exercises to relieve it but nomatter, still cramps. I can do sleights and vanishes, but not this stuff. The closest I can get is multiplying billiard balls. My fingers are not made to move this way. I dont think practice has anything to do with that. LOL

  18. OnceExisted Says:

    “big hands” and “small hands” is only just an excuse, practice is the key.

  19. OnceExisted Says:

    in any magic store?

  20. jjyankeefan61 Says:

    i have nice good sized indian hands

  21. spikeandvolley Says:

    they are bicycle and bee brand cards u can find them easily in US ( if u stay there) otherwise buy them from e-bay

  22. mikehoncho4 Says:

    Where can i get a card sheet like you show in the beginning?

  23. MassyOfSpades Says:

    really a nice charlier-upgrade!

  24. LoneDF Says:

    where can i get this large flat sheet for playing cards? pls reply. thanks!!

  25. DeckedTigerUnit Says:

    you`d think having small asian hands sucks,but having big blacks hands sucks just as much…

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