Trentemøller: The Very Last Resort

January 29, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Buy this song at: iTunes: Beatport: Juno: Whatpeopleplay: Conzoom: Collage video by Karim Ghahwagi for “The Very Last Resort” from Trentemøller’s album “The Last Resort”.
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22 Responses to “Trentemøller: The Very Last Resort”

  1. DBallerz Says:

    it’s my childhood song. chilloutsound. com has similar tunes

  2. Elffloy Says:

    @TheGodclouD Dude. That’s what I said. Be more creative.

  3. TheGodclouD Says:


  4. DaNooch669 Says:

    I asked Karim Ghahwagi (director) what movies are in the video, and he told me its from Dementia (daughter of horror) directed by John Parker (1955).

  5. kantik081 Says:

    new track :
    Glitch Saturnien (KantiK)
    enjoy :-)

  6. menimi87 Says:

    love it! grandios track!

  7. scouser229 Says:

    Soundtrack to the best movie that was never made.

  8. xRenataFeitoza Says:

    This video reminds me the movie ‘Requiem for a Dream’.

  9. devries1018 Says:

    This video is amazing. Great work! It captures the vibe of Trentemoller to perfection!

  10. eftermiddagsunderhol Says:

    Is this the official video?

  11. DaNooch669 Says:

    @lacowie yeah man, good to know people undertsand!

  12. Nuthane Says:

    @impfish cool man ill check it out

  13. impfish Says:

    @Nuthane mmmm, take a browse through the ‘liquicity’ channel, there’s some great stuff on there and almost entirely chill fans.

    oooh and listen on highest quality. almost all the tracks go at least to 720.

  14. Nuthane Says:

    @impfish ya your right. i like some liquid dnb, like netsky and whatnot. Do you have any suggestions for some great liquid dnb?

  15. DaNooch669 Says:

    David Lynch would be proud

  16. impfish Says:

    which… everyone else already knew. oops, sorry for the old news.

  17. impfish Says:

    oh man! this is a leonard cohen sample from ‘the partisan’! works so well here mmmm.

  18. impfish Says:

    @Nuthane not liquid dnb fans ;)

  19. exmiketwo Says:

    i like to do my homework to this

  20. Nuthane Says:

    @lacowie im not saying this was the case for you, but it seems most all dnb fans are extremely angry.

  21. MrJashez Says:

    Somehow… i just got a boner… and I’m a gay guy :S

  22. psychedelicccc Says:

    26 people are last resort gheghe

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