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These tournament poker tips will help players who have never played a hand online as well as those with experience who want to learn to play better.

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While poker has been consistently played for over 100 years, poker tournaments have gained increasing popularity over the last number of years, and the number of online searches for tournament poker tips has greatly increased. Much of it can be attributed to an increase in television coverage. In 1972, the grand prize at the World Series of Poker (a $10k buy-in) was only $80,000. In 2005, Joseph Hachem took home $7.5 million. The reason for this drastic increase in prize money is the number of players that have entered tournaments. In 1972, only 8 players entered the world series of poker, while 839 entered in 2003.

Improve your tournament game after reading these tournament poker tips.

  • A great way to gain tournament experience quickly is by playing poker online and reading tournament poker tips. Online you can play poker tournaments with re-buys or no re-buys, with buy-ins ranging from one dollar to several thousand dollars. Your basic poker strategy will not be very different when playing in a small or large buy-in event. There may still be several hundred players to beat and it might prove to be equally as hard to finish in first place.

Online poker tournaments are much quicker, but it is possible that you will be able to play the same amount of hands as in a decent-sized live event. This is because the hands are played much faster. Indeed, one or two table tournaments are a good way to gain experience of final table and shorthanded play.

  • You should understand that your chips have a different relative value. In a standard poker game, you should view each dollar as having equal value. This is not the case in a poker tournament. When you start off with an initial thousand in chips, that thousand is worth a lot more than the next thousand you make. Since you are unable to buy you way back into the tourney, the last chips you have are always the most valuable.

It is recommended that you play patient, solid poker and try to trap weaker players with weaker hands. You do not want to make any big gambles where you risk going broke. Hopefully you will get lucky and manage to accumulate chips so that you are able to continue playing in this manner. Continue reading online tournament poker tips.

  • Notice that the blinds increase every hour and quickly reach a point that forces players with smaller amounts of chips (stacks) to take chances to keep from having the blinds eliminate them. Most tournaments are set up along this line in order to force action and to have a good idea of when the tournament will end.

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