TOSS IT UP Thursdays PTBTV Events (TOONS ray luv MAC MALL chantel mcnulty DRUNK GIRLS)

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(watch in HD) PUSHIN’ THE BAY TV / PTBTV proudly presents TOSS IT UP Thursdays (4/30/09, April 30th, 2009) at Toons Nightclub in San Jose, California. PTBTV, which is Northern California’s number ONE urban television show NOW also throws the hottest parties in the Bay Area! The hottest rappers (Ray Luv, Mac Mall, etc.), DJ’s (DJ Juice), musicians, artists, creative minds and sexiest ladies come party with US! To have two Bay legends (Ray Luv & Mac Mall) perform ALL BOUT MY FETTI is history! Toons Nightclub has been corralling downtown San Joses enthusiastic nighttime revelers for what seems like eons. Open seven nights a week, this downtown San Jose nightlife fixture is a fun and lively establishment that welcomes San Jose State students, local party hounds and anyone who enjoys throwing back a few rounds with friends in the clamorous setting. The drink slingers behind the full bar at Toons in San Jose can pour just about anything to aid those in noble pursuit of drunkenness, and regular drink specials satisfy drinkers on a budget. Chantal McNulty is already playing 100-200 or 200-400Limit Cash games at the Bellagio. She has built a huge bankroll already with the help of winning a few tournaments early on. Chantel feels that she is a much better limit cash game player and would rather stick to playing cash games. At one point Chantel McNutly was playing 0/00 Limit Holdem in Vegas but has lowered her limits to minimize the varience, and to play within her bankroll
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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33 Responses to “TOSS IT UP Thursdays PTBTV Events (TOONS ray luv MAC MALL chantel mcnulty DRUNK GIRLS)”

  1. ThizzelleJunior510 Says:

    LOLOL everyone was poonded!

  2. 1888junkteam Says:

    nice work!

  3. 02LINANAS Says:

    heard they gotta another event at the same place this saturday May 30th.

  4. kray89903 Says:

    yall need go 2 hayward…thats where its at!

  5. misterkleen Says:

    emcee t on blow hahah

  6. MrWicked61671 Says:

    “I’m thinkin’ that you’re fuckin’ the new…up-n-commin’ artist…”
    WTF?! Lmao!!
    My N.I.G.G.A. Ray Luv HAS BEEN doin’ his thang, for MAD long….Yadddamean!

    Yo, “T” tell ol’ girl i’ll check raise dat azz, take her stack, then take her out, U dig?….Peace!

  7. MrWicked61671 Says:

    Dope video, homie!!

    Bay Area 4 Life!!

  8. GeoliphicMedia Says:

    Fam is pumped up throo the roof … the bay is gettin it … fresh fresh yeeee

  9. louvang08 Says:

    @IIIL47v I’m just saying. If you’re a professional, you should try to dictat the words clearly. it’s not that hard to try to sing ” But you” clearly without making it sound like “CHU”

  10. louvang08 Says:

    @IIIL47v I’m just saying. if you’re a professional, you should at least try to dictat the words clearly.

  11. batgirl2115 Says:

    Fei’s voice is amazing, she need more singing parts in miss A’s songs. And Min<333

  12. SuperAnimelover02 Says:

    Miss A are so good @ singing and dancing.. I love them :) I wish Suzy was here…

  13. IIIL47v Says:

    @louvang08 Who cares?

  14. weykmanfr Says:

    @omgeeitsdaniel oh yeah thanks, i was thinking about the time miss a was only 3 girls. i dont know about them very well, but i really love good girl bad girl, and i find Suzy very pretty and cute ^^

  15. omgeeitsdaniel Says:

    @weykmanfr Min

  16. weykmanfr Says:

    who’s the girl in the middle?

  17. zjnzjnzjn234 Says:

    @louvang08 i think that they pronounced right … they pronounced bu”T “- you so i sounded like Chu , i think

  18. lyka0518 Says:

    jia’s shoes<3
    loooveee this^___^

  19. megansxD Says:

    aww suzy would have been great here :(

  20. Naytan13 Says:

    simplesmente amoooo miss A s2 s2 s2

  21. KittySugarLips Says:

    @PororiaFX I noticed that! JYP focuses more on talent rather than appearance (though lets be honest his groups are great to look at too!) Which is why I prefer him over the other companies.

  22. louvang08 Says:

    they all should try to pronounce the “YOU” part more clearer instead of “CHU”. including the real wondergirls too.

  23. shyvanshy Says:

    better than wdg

  24. KiMkIm501s Says:

    i just LOVE Miss A. They’re all my #1 Role Models :D They are very beautiful & have great talents :)

  25. Jungmin115 Says:

    @meganjae26 Shes Jia =)

  26. meganjae26 Says:

    I kept on repeating the rap part,so good. who was the rapper?

  27. iamaznangel Says:

    @Hellohawh17 it’s the lyrics for the Rainstone Remix of Nobody

  28. 12345gxtreme Says:

    no suzy ? oh well . Min still look da best

  29. PororiaFX Says:

    jyp girls can seriously sing and dance.

  30. kafill2120 Says:

    @whatwhyandwhenwillau sorry … but in thai fan call she oppa .________.

  31. Hellohawh17 Says:

    Good morning everyone. Where could I find Jia’s rap lyrics of their version of “Nobody?”

  32. whatwhyandwhenwillau Says:

    @kafill2120 no she’s so pretty!!! if you look at the samsung anycall cf before she got all sorts of crazy haircuts, she is probably the prettiest!

  33. kafill2120 Says:

    @chasingcookies Because ,she’s handsome . ㅋㅋㅋ

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