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Die Lieder: The Black Eyed Peas – BOOM BOOM POW Lady Gaga – POKER FACE Lady Gaga Featuring Colby ODonis – JUST DANCE The Black Eyed Peas – I GOTTA FEELING Taylor Swift – LOVE STORY Flo Rida – RIGHT ROUND Jason Mraz – IM YOURS Beyonce – SINGLE LADIES (PUT A RING ON IT) Kanye West – HEARTLESS The All-American Rejects – GIVES YOU HELL Taylor Swift – YOU BELONG WITH ME TI Featuring Justin Timberlake – DEAD AND GONE The Fray – YOU FOUND ME Kings Of Leon – USE SOMEBODY Keri Hilson Featuring Kanye West & Ne-Yo – KNOCK YOU DOWN Jamie Foxx Featuring T-Pain – BLAME IT Pitbull – I KNOW YOU WANT ME (CALLE OCHO) TI Featuring Rihanna – LIVE YOUR LIFE Soulja Boy Tell em Featuring Sammie – KISS ME THRU THE PHONE Jay Sean Featuring Lil Wayne – DOWN Miley Cyrus – THE CLIMB Drake – BEST I EVER HAD Kelly Clarkson – MY LIFE WOULD SUCK WITHOUT YOU Beyonce – HALO Katy Perry – HOT N COLD
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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46 Responses to “Top 2009 Remix.mpeg”

  1. keinplan520 Says:

    der is geil daumen hoch

  2. mary4197 Says:


  3. alina16052 Says:

    I love the remix ist great !!
    its from DJ Earworm

  4. animeboy11097 Says:

    this made me cry when i heard it on the radio thinking of how great 2009 was for me

  5. scotchie08 Says:

    dealy kool >_<

  6. MiloMeyhem Says:


  7. mohdRafaDyPutra Says:

    cool..^_^ i like this song…myfavorites

  8. aaaresBobo Says:

    Great … Nice … Bravooo … THX

  9. Raskothunder Says:

    thx^^ for the stars

  10. XAshDawn Says:

    Wow, that Sounds so great! I love it! 5 Starz!

  11. theoptionalone Says:

    do not dlet thees songs ples it going on my bebo and 2009 was the gratis yer ov my life ever :D :D

  12. Spike2008BS Says:

    da hatte wohl jemand viel zu viel langeweile aber ich muss sagen er hat seine langeweile genutzt echt gut

  13. mrsusawesome Says:

    Addiictiiveeee … ♥x

  14. 1993LischeN Says:

    Oh jear it’s very nice :)
    Good mixx^^

  15. zombiewinx Says:

    ..i love this. XD

  16. Freaqiiize Says:

    Es qeht

  17. Staceylovesyou1 Says:

    Amazin! :D i love it.

  18. SvenJa373 Says:

    … Das is voll toll. ! ♥

  19. Raskothunder Says:


  20. lillymegs101 Says:

    i love this! :)

  21. crazychrisr92 Says:

    By DJ Earworm

  22. fuutonrazenshuriken1 Says:

    lets save him… going get my gun

  23. fuutonrazenshuriken1 Says:


  24. TheSweetChicks1 Says:

    I like it!!!

  25. animelover2615 Says:

    I see you pikachu :3

  26. SOLOfeather Says:

    Pikachus face is like O.O ”

  27. wetmonicar Says:

    This is a copy.

  28. MrAsianStuff Says:

    Pretty cute.

  29. just4grlzonlyy Says:

    Cutest thing ever

  30. nashwhill Says:

    Yes plleeeaaassseee! Make it longer!

  31. flamewingman2100 Says:


  32. nashwhill Says:

    I’m sorry gemenikid13

  33. geminikid13 Says:

    @nashwhill first, I DO. and second, I’m not GEMANKID YOU DERPFACE!

  34. nashwhill Says:

    I hate u gemankid I want the life of him u dont

  35. geminikid13 Says:

    DAMN I want the life of that pickachu (male)

  36. nashwhill Says:

    Aww don’t give up girl pikachu! If you do give up, will u go out with me?

  37. TheLpstvgirl Says:

    you copied this from wigwoo1iscool!
    Rarity: How could you?

  38. Key2MyHeartless Says:

    wigwoo1iscool is the origional creator.

  39. sheep662006 Says:


  40. sheep662006 Says:


  41. dieg0wuzhere Says:

    If a girl was stalking me ill go with it till they find out then i will stalk them >:D

  42. thepokemario111 Says:

    0:20 please help me…

  43. thepokemario111 Says:

    curse the internet allowing these anomations to be allowed on youtube *cuts cable of computer * NEVER AGAIN AM I WATCHING THIS.

  44. thepokemario111 Says:

    *goes outside and runs a lap around Englad then goes home and watches again then runs again* im going to die now. *kills self.*

  45. AnimeLazer96 Says:


  46. xMaiMeeTur Says:

    when you start drooling NOW it gets weirder

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