Tom Waits – Kentucky Avenue

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Well Eddie Grace’s Buick got four bullet holes in the side and Charlie DeLisle is sittin at the top of an avocado tree Mrs. Storm will stab you with a steak knife if you step on her lawn I got a half a pack of Lucky Strikes man so come along with me and let’s fill our pockets with macadamia nuts and go over to Bobby Goodmanson’s and jump off the roof well Hilda plays strip live strip poker when her mamas cross the street Joey Navinski says she put her tongue in his mouth and Dicky Faulkner’s got a switchblade and some gooseneck risers that eucalyptus is a hunchback there’s a wind down from the south so let me tie you up with kite string and I’ll show you the scabs on my knee watch out for the broken glass put your shoes and socks on and come along with me let’s follow that fire truck I think your house is burnin down asnd go down to the hobo jungle and kill some rattlesnakes with a trowel and we’ll break all the windows in the old Anderson place and we’ll steal a bunch of boysenberries and I’ll smear em on your face I’ll get a dollar from my mama’s purse and buy that skull and crossbones ring and you can wear it round your neck on an old piece of string Then we’ll spit on Ronnie Arnold and flip him the bird and slash the tires on the school bus now don’t say a word I’ll take a rusty nail and scratch your initials in my arm and I’ll show you how to sneak up on the roof of the drugstore I’ll take the spokes from your wheelchair and a magpie’s wings and I’ll tie em to your shoulders

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25 Responses to “Tom Waits – Kentucky Avenue”

  1. GloireUkraine Says:

    Beautiful song!!! Beautiful video!!!

  2. kindline02 Says:

    ses mélodies sont toujours parfaites et émouvantes

  3. caccivio59 Says:


  4. mrd2u2u2sucks Says:

    eric dee gallery dot com tom waits portrait

  5. SteveDiemer77 Says:

    Beautiful song:)!

  6. captainkundalini1 Says:

    If Mark Twain were around today and he wanted to make Huck sing, it still wouldn’t be this good.

  7. Jonamon Says:

    some of the best lyrics he’s ever written

  8. goonsackmask Says:

    @Cora4158 im from australia and his my god

  9. MrJohnered Says:

    lets follow that fire truck…I think your house is burning down…
    I get that old time feeling every time…crack the whiskey bottle open, throw away the cork, light a smoke…we are in it for the stretch…hop that frieght train in the hall…

  10. didirocksagain Says:

    @dan63uk iam so with you !!

  11. goonsackmask Says:

    who the fuck could dislike this song?

  12. eisenstein000 Says:

    One of the greatest songwriters of our time.

  13. PaddyIrishmanAOK Says:

    nice visuals for a perfect song.

  14. Cora4158 Says:

    “drunk or sober”
    I know what you mean.
    I know what you mean about “americana” as well.
    But Tom Waits scope goes far beyond america.

  15. Captain985 Says:

    Oh Lord, I would be so happy if Tom came to Russia, to Siberia!
    I love and respect him. He has a very big human heart.
    Great man, great songs!

    Thank you, Raindog309! Excellent video!

  16. raindog504 Says:

    hey, i like your profile name

  17. MrRoteCitrone Says:

    very good!

  18. ozeangruen Says:

    @MuSiCkBuLb oh yes…!

  19. pppantazis1 Says:

    A little poem for the kid we all left behind, thousands afternoons beyond…

  20. MrOdin285 Says:

    what can my drunken ass even contribute here? its an amazing song, drunk or sober..but its inevitable, when i drink, and i’m alone, i look up Tom Waits and it puts me where i need to be..americana at is best, from the very old stuff to the new, hes the man..Cheers to all of you get a laugh from Tom, and cheers also to those who he makes tear up..

  21. pretorious700 Says:

    @dan63uk don’t feel bad, your heart is in the right place.

  22. pretorious700 Says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t want to hear a cover of this song.

  23. pretorious700 Says:

    @ConorPrunty1988 yeah, hard to imagine a more heartfelt rumination

  24. animal4090 Says:

    i’ve got la chaire de poule each time i listen to this song !!

  25. bshmstr308 Says:

    @MuSiCkBuLb best line in a song ever written

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