Tom Waits – Kentucky Avenue

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Tom Waits – Kentucky Avenue
Video Rating: 5 / 5

GoO Xiggy !! XD Pauvre losers oupos je vx dire xigbar ! c troO’w delirant !!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Tom Waits – Kentucky Avenue”

  1. DualBladeRoxasXIII Says:


  2. PleaseDontGoCryBaby Says:

    @DualBladeRoxasXIII it’s in French

  3. PleaseDontGoCryBaby Says:

    i’d be laughing WAY harder than Xaldin is. xD

  4. Demerjian1 Says:

    fucking frogs XD

  5. animecat237 Says:


  6. DualBladeRoxasXIII Says:

    what language is it?

  7. sicilychan Says:

    haha c’est tres amusant!!!

  8. liesalwayskept Says:

    @moonbright555 Hellz yeah!! x3

  9. yummyonigari Says:

    what’s the song ta the very beginning?

  10. moonbright555 Says:

    Lol Spoonychan sooo has to do this one!!!!

  11. icesk8ter100 Says:

    GO XIGGY!!!

  12. bluemew720 Says:

    poor roxas he’s just a kid he does’nt know what strip poker is and he didn’t even know what a vacation was in the kingdome hearts game for dsi….

  13. YuliyaDark26 Says:

    Moi je dis que pour une fois qu’on a une BD sur l’organisation XIII sur le net, je trouve ça génial ! mais pauvre Xigbar quand même, Xaldin lui donne du fil a retordre … =D Trop cool ! Vive les pitits frenchy ! XD

  14. girz94 Says:

    why naruto music???

  15. PleaseDontGoCryBaby Says:

    2:31 until the end. XD

  16. MultiBleach15 Says:

    roxas : FAIL

  17. MultiBleach15 Says:

    where the fuck is english

  18. minitophat Says:

    1 heurs plus tard….

    XD say that outloud! its sososososo funneh!

  19. Silentsenior09 Says:

    OMG I may not have been able to understand it completely in terms of reading, but right when Aero Smith’s ‘Dude Looks Like a Lady’ came on and I see boxers flying, I about lost it. xD Guess the mystery behind his eye patch will remain a mystery.

  20. windsoulfox Says:

    ummmm i cant read it TT_TT

  21. Xemluxia Says:

    at the end roxas was crying… did he want to see xiggy’s eye that badly?

  22. sasusakugirl1 Says:

    Roxas: ..Do i know you?
    Me: can wonder that ._.

  23. Starsamantha95 Says:

    Jaws at 2:05 and his eyepatch is more important his boxers? whats the deal with that?

  24. kingdomheartsroxasxx Says:

    wtf i cant under stand it but its seeems pretti funni

  25. xXAnimexFreak13Xx Says:

    LOL tension moment!! THAT WAS HILARIOUS! eve thought i didnt understand it…

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