TNA The Beautiful People Strip Poker Part. 3

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A video from TNA’s Historic 1/4/10 edition of Impact where the Beautiful People get down on some “Strip Poker”. NOTE: All logos and trademarks are copyrighted to their respectful owners. All photos, videos, media is sole property of Total Nonstop Action Wresting. All logos and trademarks are copyrighted to their respectful owners unless stated otherwise. CREDIT:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “TNA The Beautiful People Strip Poker Part. 3”

  1. spencerpamela96 Says:


  2. 809Ollie Says:

    @hurghuda they are really good wresters too mate

  3. hurghuda Says:

    it is so sad that americans follow this so rigorously when its fake. @tauras88d there not the greatest women wrestlers in the world, they’re just models! who look good and are only there so people watch the program!

  4. audreycarl59 Says:


  5. miacross7312548 Says:


  6. 55emeryoertle44 Says:


  7. 59elizabethdavenport Says:


  8. HeyBoyzKissMe Says:


  9. HeyBoyzKissMe Says:

    hahaahahahhahahaha!!!! it was fuckingly funny!!!!!!!!

  10. HeyBoyzKissMe Says:


  11. brocky70 Says:

    was this a take on when mankind was chasing val in the adult theatre?

  12. RatedEnigmaticRKO Says:

    Velvet had no thong on. I see something that i’m gonna get

  13. lordreis Says:

    @zxzx48 Take a closer look : You can see panties on all of them ;)

  14. zxzx48 Says:

    madison is naked and lacey and velvet all boobs go wild

  15. Brown0831 Says:

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  17. SCD999 Says:

    @demonking411 i checked. she wasn’t. :P

  18. demonking411 Says:

    Maddison was naked pause at 0:01

  19. 18gns9bk Says:

    fuck foley i wanna see them tits

  20. gamble7man Says:

    Foley should of castrated Morely’s penis, that would give TNA those ratings they are looking for. I mean Morely has been castrated on tv before, for those of you who don’t know look up “choppy choppy your pee pee”

  21. TheMrAksel Says:

    the bad guy just ruin the game :)

  22. SSBSfanboy Says:

    Damnit, Mick! You’re a fuckin’ cockblock!

  23. Okonkwo009 Says:

    oh great, you can’t see anything. Man, on WWE’s ECW’s Extreme Strip POke it had a clip of Maria and Candice Michelle wrestling naked!!!! Which I and some TNA/WWE fans liked.

  24. TheEpicsonic Says:

    HELLO LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Bobba1921 Says:

    :( FAKE

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