TLC – No Scrubs ~Cover~ and 1:52: The Making of BrownFace Girl Episode 2

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Please leave a comment, we’d like to hear from you. BrownFace Girl, 6 year old ZK6, 9 year old Millenia 2000, and 11 year old Lil Kay Kay, have guest Qyeendom and they perform 1.52 from her debut album, WhoIBe and TLC’s No Scrubs. Qyeendom is an up and coming artist who song, I’m A Star has been featured in Night At The Museum 2. BFG also talk about their instruments and about school music programs.

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25 Responses to “TLC – No Scrubs ~Cover~ and 1:52: The Making of BrownFace Girl Episode 2”

  1. Oningirl Says:

    its amazing how black girls can move! music and dance are in ur gens!
    im so wanna be like u guys, keep it up :)

  2. 0me3s Says:

    BRAVO OMG IT SO CUTE :) :):):)

  3. atl21able Says:

    TLC should be proud to have an impact on Kids like this.

  4. atl21able Says:

    Wow They are so talented what they are doing is so hard to do at That age they are really talented and dedicated.

  5. parengpogi26 Says:

    tanga kayo!!!!

  6. gailkimislegend Says:

    they are so cute and good they will be something!

  7. faithflycutie Says:

    i lvoe this song i lisetn to it everyday on kidzowlrd

  8. xweetokfairy Says:

    wow if theyre like this now, imagine what theyll be like in a few years :’)

  9. horizont20001 Says:


  10. RBCHILD4EV Says:

    love how you girls give credit to the oldskool artists! -got my 3 year old nephew all into Michael jackson , and my niece loves TLC -way b4 her time -but timeless group! anyways all keep up the goodwork! yall probably WILL be the NExt TLC and this is from a diehard TLC Fan!!! i dont say that to too many people,lol,but yall have that star quality like TLC did/does!!! ☺

  11. fontelavision Says:

    @MrUcv Thanks for watching our video. We truly appreciate it. The first song is Qyeendom’s original called “1:52″. It’s on iTunes if you search for Qyeendom. We are also working on our album and have singles on iTunes as well. Take care.

    BrownFace Girl

  12. MrUcv Says:

    new destiny’s child :) what`s the first song?…or instrumental

  13. meanchickgin Says:

    I never saw them before they are so good and I hope thier not dead

  14. BigWillieWillHom Says:

    And Qyeendom Is Really Awesome Too!! 5 – Stars ***** For Awesome & Fantastic Singing Performance!!

    - BigWillieWillHom :)

  15. BigWillieWillHom Says:

    BrownFaceGirls Are The Best Performers Ever!! I’m Their Biggest #1 Fan!! 5 – Stars ***** For Great & Awesome Performance!! Keep Up The Great & Fantastic Job, Girls!!

    - BigWillieWillHom :)

  16. Muslolyic Says:


  17. BOBBYW150 Says:

    great no homo but check my scrubs dance out at ashleyl150

  18. fontelavision Says:

    Thank you! We appreciate that you took time to watch our video and comment. We hope to have some new videos up soon.

  19. HealzKoronis Says:

    Logged in to say y’all amazing for your age… that was sooooooooo good. 5stars!!

  20. nikitarobertson22yr Says:

    yall really good

  21. jaeven5 Says:

    this vid is amazing

  22. jaeven5 Says:

    you guys did so great!you are awesome!

  23. MegaOwlCity Says:

    Cool video, I love tlc

  24. toolieliyah Says:


  25. Sarloc Says:


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