Tiny Girl Unleashes Massive Burps

March 02, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

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25 Responses to “Tiny Girl Unleashes Massive Burps”

  1. Pelmeshkaxd Says:


  2. nokiaowner Says:

    Im in love. Oh wait…

  3. LeopardsInJungle Says:

    I wonder if I should send it to RayWilliamJohnson?

  4. EduinLindo Says:


  5. sebacruzar Says:

    nice :)

  6. nscarlet360 Says:

    it almost seems unreal about 2:30 mintues in

  7. nscarlet360 Says:

    no. it is obvious that girl is not burping. well at least the 1st belch but it is funny

  8. Rand0miz3erXXX Says:

    OMG imagine she vomited in one of those attempts to burp and it just splashed all over the cam?!?!?! LMAOOOOOOO

  9. boogzru11 Says:

    she sounds like a transformer deceptacon

  10. doomsdayducker Says:

    district 9 alien?

  11. 182Dwart Says:

    mandou bem garotinha !!!

  12. 337camo Says:

    damn shes good. kind of a turn off though……kind of…….

  13. Bizenghast97 Says:


  14. 21wse Says:

    @wags9871 not only is she hot but shes foreign :)

  15. Salgarolo666 Says:

    Where is this video from… What language are they speaking???

  16. wags9871 Says:

    shes hot ;)

  17. Gatostos Says:

    me encanta esta chica

  18. KandeeMTV Says:

    @MsWorldMusicVideos : what does that mean in English? Lol

  19. flamedrag18 Says:

    @tAstefoRfReE so??

  20. rayshizzlefull Says:

    Feshńit zurtwenœn shetÿumöp qwevçzæ n

  21. missstuntdouble Says:

    this needs lyrics hahaha,. this isss freakking awesome though!:)

  22. ManOfBarf Says:

    that girls a champ XD

    normally after a minute id be like “fuck it my stomachs blown up like a basket ball”

  23. tAstefoRfReE Says:

    did nobody notice the boys laughter at 1:47? xD

  24. Phliblib Says:

    all that cola must be quite unhealthy…

  25. OAsinaloa951 Says:

    awwsome how do myou do that

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