Tiffany Girls' Generation – Poker Face

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she so beautiful. i love her and so nyeo shi dae ^ ^”

Newlyweds Brooke and Nathan discuss their 5 years of dating and how they remained pure. Why did they make this commitment? Find out how the “marriage bed” is now after they waited so long. Was it worth it? Watch to find out! Ifyou would like to contribute to our ministry please visit click on the “give” tab, sign in and pick “Burke Family.” Thank You and remember JESUS LOVES YOU!

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25 Responses to “Tiffany Girls' Generation – Poker Face”

  1. BurkeLife Says:

    @7from7ashes7 thanks for sharing

  2. 7from7ashes7 Says:

    wish I had waited…..

  3. BurkeLife Says:

    @STAR4NL I will for sure!! I just sub’d you!! and you mean 1 million right!! haha

  4. STAR4NL Says:

    @BurkeLife Oh I watch shaytards everyday. Its cool following them and I came across your family thinking you were already ‘high up there’ with the numbers. …. Just remember me, the one day you hit 100.000 subscribers haha.

  5. BurkeLife Says:

    @STAR4NL yes, you need tons of views and subs!! It’s kind of a numbers game. And it would be a cool job!! There are people like Shaytards etc. who do it full time. Thank you so much for your help!!

  6. STAR4NL Says:

    @BurkeLife So if you want to get payed for it you need a ton of subscribers? It must be wonderful to have a job like that! Ill see what I can do for you. I can post it on a similar site as facebook but then a Dutch page. ;)

  7. BurkeLife Says:

    @STAR4NL We are partners!! But, we need way more subscriptions and views before I can do it full time!! I would love to do it full time!! It’s my passion!!

  8. STAR4NL Says:

    @BurkeLife Oh alright. Are you a youtube partner? Is this your ‘job’ ? :)

  9. BurkeLife Says:

    @STAR4NL I was going to ask if you could share our channel to your friends on facebook. no worries! Thanks for everything!

  10. STAR4NL Says:

    @BurkeLife Oh you are welcome, this way I get a daily portion of BurkeLife, right? :D No I dont have facebook. May I ask why?

  11. BurkeLife Says:

    @STAR4NL Thank you so much!! Thanks for subscribing too!! I am glad the video was encouraging to you. Do you also have a facebook?

  12. STAR4NL Says:

    @BurkeLife I showed the video to my boyfriend. It is definately encouraging. Thanks for the story/ video.

    Alright going to watch and thumbs up some burkelife video’s. Im a Brukelife newbie. :D Just subscribed aswell. I’d like to make my own vlogs. Since my boyfriend lives in the States, and I live in the Netherlands. I thought it would be cool for him to see me somewhere else other then just in my chair behind skype. Haha.

  13. BurkeLife Says:

    @STAR4NL Jesus Loves you too!!

  14. STAR4NL Says:

    Jesus loves Burkelife :)

  15. BurkeLife Says:

    @beetay719 glad you liked it! Thank you for sharing. And yes, you are not alone!!

  16. beetay719 Says:

    This is so encouraging! My boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 1/2 years and we are waiting until marriage! That was something that we decided when we first started dating when we were 16 and 18 years old, and we have stuck to it. It is hard, but we keep each other on track with it. So thank you for this video, it’s so great to know that there are other couples out there doing the same thing!!

  17. twodavh Says:

    @BurkeLife ok, as usual, you did not carefully read my statement. I said “if” one or two of them .. if is a word used where there is no evidence or proof okay! I did not point a finger at her or hiom or both. Read my messages carefully should you wish to respond otherwise your responses may be pointless. My point is clear: there is nothing pure about it except they stayed away from secrete sex too. Sex is actually what joins a male and female together! Not Church. I am going on 40 yrs of age!

  18. BurkeLife Says:

    @twodavh so you know this couple and you know that they had secret sex on the side? you must be really young because you are making bold statements with no facts to back it up. You may want to ask yourself why “purity” bothers you so much.

  19. twodavh Says:

    @TheDalmanator Why do I care so much? Well, I don’t but you did not understand my statement. If one or both of them had a secret sex experience going on with other people, while they kept their true love for sex after marriage, then there is nothing pure about it! Becuase sex itself is the actual marriage. Sex is what joins a female and male together okay? Morons! Oh YEAH! I learnt this grand truth through experience! And if people now see the true purpose of sex, sexual sanity will return!

  20. BurkeLife Says:

    @twodavh Why would you care so much about people who chose to remain pure? Interesting to me that you are so passionate about your choices. I think your comment may be your own personal life experience. Thanks for sharing.

  21. twodavh Says:

    Bulshit… rules of men .. none of these will sustain a relationship or marriage morons…some woman and men now use “waiting” for selfish reasons .. probe that couple thoroughly and you’l find either or one of them had their one night stands going on secretly while they kept the one they love for sex after marriage. Change your hearts “snakes”! That’s the key! Because sex itself is what joins a male and female together .. not the so called marriage ceremonies we set for ourselves! CRAZY PEOPLE!

  22. aiswaryacamid Says:

    Its good quality day try to find baby ** **

  23. BurkeLife Says:

    @TheDalmanator for sure, thanks for watching

  24. TheDalmanator Says:

    Great video! This is something we all struggle with in today’s society and testimonies like this are awesome encouragers.

  25. BurkeLife Says:

    @tomczyce Thank You!! I appreciate your comments!! Keep the faith!!

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