The Stereotypes – I Kissed a Girl

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The Stereotypes sing I Kissed a Girl, by Katy Perry. [] Arrangement by Kevin Nicoletti. Solo by Niq Coyle. Vocal Percussion by Dayne Seiden. … See for alternate I Built a Bear lyrics.
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Disclaimer: We do not own this song or this anime. The song is Midnight Beast TikTok Parody Lyrics: Wake up in the morning feeling like Winehouse(here we go) Grab my breezer, I’m out the door I’m gonna be really loud(Lets go) Cuz I don’t care who I piss off, yeah I’m a real big sinner Sometimes I eat my dessert Before my dinner Talking odd socks on my toes, toes Taking off all my clothes, clothes Feeling overexposed, So I put back all of my clothes, back on Flush before I wee, wee Get arrested daily-Ly Trying to get a peek of some titties… I’m mad, really bad But don’t tell my mum ‘n’ dad Pucker up, kiss my butt ‘Cause I’m bloody fucking nuts Hear the bass, skinny waist Now let’s copy live strip poker face like Whoa, whoa, oh oh, Whoa, whoa, oh oh I’m mad, really bad But don’t tell my mum ‘n’ dad Pucker up, kiss the nut ‘Cause it sells to be a slut Hear the bass, skinny waist Now let’s copy live strip poker face like Whoa whoa oh oh, Whoa whoa oh oh I stay out till 11 when my curfew is 10 “Good Night sweetie, sleep well!” SHUT UP MUM! I’m ON MSN! Now the girls are lining up Because we’re pussy sailin’ But we punch ‘em in the mouth If they’re not Sarah Plain Talkin ’bout doin things we’ll regret, ‘gret Mental cigarette, ‘rette Butt plugs in his pet WHOA! WHOA… Whoa… Text sex on my Sam sung, Not telling dad mum rung, rung Have sex with Alexa Chung By telling her I’m well hung (I’m, I’m, I’m quite well hung) I’m mad, really bad But don’t tell my mum ‘n’ dad Pucker up, kiss my butt ‘Cause I

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50 Responses to “The Stereotypes – I Kissed a Girl”

  1. korilynn89 Says:

    horrible song! great talent tho!

  2. TheCatsmasher1 Says:

    fucking fags keep your day jobs if you have any

  3. DJC24680 Says:

    He said based on a true story? So he has a boyfriend

  4. DJC24680 Says:

    He said based on a true story? So he has a boyfriend

  5. alielv Says:


  6. XxXShowGastXxX Says:

    I like how they all have colored ties

  7. TFTgangster Says:

    No group can be better then The Blanks aka The Worthless Pions

  8. EmmaGnillot Says:

    I really dont like this song. But you made it awesome!

  9. balleflass999111 Says:

    I wonder if he read the lyrics before he said “This is based on a true story” xD Let’s hope his boyfriend didn’t mind it :P

  10. imtosexyformyself Says:

    @hannahbeth1044 you’re totally right, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. ^^
    He has nice hair. Like, “I wish I could run my fingers surreptitiously though his hair quickly by ‘accident’ ” kind of hair.
    And the group is really talented too.

  11. plumplum67 Says:

    my brother goes to Wash U!!! I saw these guys perform but the group was made up of other people :D


  12. Etcetera57 Says:

    @hannahbeth1044 I lulled so hard for some reason at this comment.

  13. sailormoon615 Says:

    you guys are awesome and I love all the different colored ties. Best acapella ever!

  14. hannahbeth1044 Says:

    This is good but your frontman looks like a serial killer

  15. jumpwalls2 Says:

    @Grantoc14 but he is good :)

  16. AlexisQuezada7 Says:

    That guy beatboxing is too sick!

  17. fkoff83 Says:

    this is real cool…

  18. HegleEvan Says:

    hey blonde guy
    CALL ME lol

  19. Synergy9k Says:

    The beatboxing guy was good.

  20. Toby1Music Says:

    @Jaytecktonik808 i think its more of a guy song or lesbian girl song haha

  21. Var1ety Says:

    Guy at the back looks like KEN. (Barbie)

  22. sandcastIes Says:

    Why the hell would anyone kiss that creeper? D:

  23. JuggaletteBlackRose Says:

    lolz funny and good

  24. akatsukisweetheart Says:

    I love this. So much.

  25. XxlydiacollinsxX Says:

    love the soloist:D

  26. VanDalgyonTheDark Says:


  27. InsomniaD3 Says:


  28. kiddosimmetryrules Says:

    1:29 WHOOOO WHOO WHOO! x°D

  29. MrSpring03 Says:

    пожалуй самая лучшая ваша работа. люблю этот клип пересматривать :3

  30. BlackRose3193 Says:

    “with some spanish bitch” *America and SPAIN casually walk by*

  31. TweekerMcCormick Says:

    Damn how many people do you have?!
    Awesome cosplays! (I wish I had a group of friends to cosplay with… sob)
    (and 2:01 xD)

  32. Caela2013 Says:

    I love you guys. Just saying.

  33. katyta091 Says:

    LOL Sealand! xD

  34. DementedMunchkin Says:

    @xoQuintariaox Thats awesome! And I can understand why you like greecexturkey.. it’s pretty funny :D

  35. missmiming Says:

    i watch this every night before i sleep…also the hetalia madness bloopers ep.2 this is just so epic…..

  36. Alexrekh Says:

    England is soo cute! >////<

  37. xoQuintariaox Says:

    @DementedMunchkin i’m exactly the same with you! just i pair greece with turkey XD

  38. DementedMunchkin Says:

    @xoQuintariaox lol same xD! And I pair america up with canada, japan with greece, poland with liet, russia with latvia, romano with spain, and… italy with germany :D

  39. xoQuintariaox Says:

    lol 1:20 Greece just got owned by Turkey XD

  40. xoQuintariaox Says:

    @DementedMunchkin i’m not a USUK fan…i prefer FrUK personally *putsflameshieldup!*

  41. NumNumMunchies Says:

    dude this just makes me so happy everytime i watch it! xD

  42. shadowlover00 Says:

    lol at 1:17 china’s a girl too

  43. sweettobigirl Says:

    lol this i awesome love it ^^

  44. DementedMunchkin Says:

    Who here ISN’T a USUK fangirl? No offense, I’m not against USUK, but it’s a bit overrated.. =_=

  45. AnimeForeverStudio56 Says:

    i love this sooo much this makes me laugh sooo much
    love u guys

  46. Justinbieberfan1067 Says:

    who ever thought of this parody is a geniouse, the singing part totally fits America. THIS PARODY IS THE SHIT ITS AMAZING!!!!

  47. xRyouxFangirlianx Says:

    I just realized that EVERYONE is crowded around behind the counter and Japan has a camera at 1:38… XD OH, JA~PAN~

  48. narutardx1 Says:

    LOL i can play 1:15 agian and agian XD It kills me X,D

  49. DawnDP26 Says:

    POKEMON ON THE SELF LOVE IT……. i wish my friends liked anime so i could do this =_= *sob*

  50. suzuloveable Says:

    everyones expression to america stripping was priceless!!

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