the REAL Diva Eyebrow Tutorial

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GIRL I will teach you how to get those eyebrows lookin right! Products used Brow brush MAC brow crayon in Stud MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer in NW45 MAC 249 Brush
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25 Responses to “the REAL Diva Eyebrow Tutorial”

  1. tifron85 Says:

    I love it

  2. nellyrvr Says:

    Very nice, love those lashes!

  3. kitanatookute Says:

    i love you eyelashes !

  4. stacy24551 Says:

    girl u perfect

  5. diaz044 Says:

    your eyes are gorgeous

  6. MissVelissaKatrice Says:

    your eyebrows rule

  7. xxMaryElizabethxx Says:

    You’re beautiful!

  8. cmattleeal Says:

    Very nice looking eyebrows. Thanks for the tutorial.

  9. BIB108 Says:


  10. nashay192003 Says:

    love it ugh i got bad wax job like two years ago and they have never recovered:( lol so this video helped me master what i thought i already knew awesomee bitchhaaa ……no offense heeheh

  11. mhayter007 Says:

    wow, excellent video! Thank you!

  12. Raquellmake Says:

    I love the channel, I signed up! Sign up for mine too! Kisses

  13. 30viola Says:

    Most helpful eyebrow tutorial on YT.

  14. pamdfos Says:

    very clear and concise

  15. RynnieMa79 Says:

    I love your eyebrows they look very natural and full!!

  16. RynnieMa79 Says:

    @kameelean, try Rohto V Artic eyedrops. They get rid of ALL eye redness but you have to take out your contacts (if you wear them) before using them and wait 10-15 minutes afterwards. And they are for occasional use not for everyday use.

  17. fshdaycare Says:

    This is a really good video on eyebrows!!! Thanks girl!

  18. chillaxintothebreeze Says:

    This is a one of the best tutorials I have seen for eyebrows. Great Job!!

  19. kerrybesto Says:

    @kameelean She just doesn’t have jaundice lol

  20. bristay1 Says:

    @kameelean U can use eye drops :) and get plenty of sleep ! u also can use white eyeliner at the bottom of ur eyes to make ur eyes pop and also look slightly bigger . If u like that big dolly eye look :)

  21. 2sharpe Says:

    I really like this simple without buying a whole bunch of stuff!!!

  22. RachellaEnchantd Says:

    This is an amazing video! Thank you for making it! I also have pretty sparse eyebrows and they’re pretty short on the ends so I also fill mine in with eyeshadow and stuff. What sucks though is when someone accidentally brushes against your face and takes a little of it off…ahhh! Well, maybe that only happens to me because I’m short haha. :P

  23. blackqueen1974 Says:


  24. fancyface0711 Says:

    Awesome thx for the tutorial!

  25. SusssssiM Says:

    You are so beautiful! Great video

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