The PPG and RRB Fighting While I Play Poker Face

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Cool. . .ENJOY!!!!!!!!! Song By: Lady Gaga
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Great !!!! SNSD from korea.
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38 Responses to “The PPG and RRB Fighting While I Play Poker Face”

  1. imblue36752100 Says:

    @SpiritNaginata – The Boys Are Back In Town

  2. SpiritNaginata Says:

    what episode is this?

  3. snowwhitemermaid Says:

    I love this! <3

  4. pokemonparty101 Says:


  5. MiyakoLuvBoomer Says:

    idk lol

  6. imblue36752100 Says:

    @MiyakoLuvBoomer – Ah, well.
    And why would I be mad? 0_o

  7. MiyakoLuvBoomer Says:

    no i like it XD
    it doesnt fit crime fighting XD lol dnt get mad plz

  8. imblue36752100 Says:

    @MiyakoLuvBoomer – HEY!!! I like this song! >:(
    You don’t lke it? Why!? ANSWER ME!!!!!!!!

  9. MiyakoLuvBoomer Says:

    You couldve said unfitting music XD

  10. imblue36752100 Says:

    @mrssineadmooney – Well, you see, my friend was on my account and she forgot to go on her account. She saw my video and she commented while she was on my account.

  11. mrssineadmooney Says:

    thats esay 2 comet ya self

  12. imblue36752100 Says:

    HOW DID I COMMENT MYSELF!?!?. . .GreenGlitterGirl1, do you have something to tell me?

  13. imblue36752100 Says:


  14. Takkun96 Says:

    SarangHAE! FAnyFAny Tiffany!!!<3<3<3…..Hwaiting…..

  15. iBubbleTeaa Says:

    3 people sneezed and accidentally hit the dislike button.

  16. Voornz Says:

    So when it’s love if it’s not rough it isn’t fun ?
    Love her smirk lol

  17. kkamui99 Says:

    Her voice is superb. sounds like Britney Spears in a way.

  18. kkamui99 Says:

    Her voice is superb. sounds like Britney Spears in a way.

  19. iBubbleTeaa Says:

    @leegunhyntan -Scoffs- i bet she sings better than u

  20. MsAigoo Says:

    she is really pretty… for me, she’s the prettiest in snsd… no offense

  21. biangchi Says:

    black haired Cute
    white skinned Beautiful
    red dress Sexy

    How angel tiffany is ; )

  22. creamsnsd Says:


  23. leegunhyntan Says:

    She can sing but not enough

  24. Takkun96 Says:


  25. lovetiffmushroom Says:

    fany fany tiffany<333

  26. fakhrain Says:

    not only she could carry this song, but her acoustic rendition of the song is just amazing! this clearly shows that she can’t only sing, but also creative!

    now, who said SNSD can’t sing?

  27. yummykeylimepie Says:

    tiffany<3 my favorite snsd member. i love her style of singing!

  28. BellaKimin00 Says:

    better than lady gaga . :D D

  29. SAfreak1000 Says:

    @KitsuneMale Im 14 and im curse by her :( i cant stop think bout her 24/7 <3 <3 <3 Tiffany

  30. BunnyHanyou Says:

    WHOA :O, she’s amazing.

  31. KitsuneMale Says:

    @SAfreak1000 good…u really 29?

  32. girlx1399 Says:

    Her voice is A-mazing… My fav in SNSD. For me, she is prettier than YoonA… :)

  33. SAfreak1000 Says:

    @KitsuneMale im a dude of cause

  34. KitsuneMale Says:

    @SAfreak1000 …r u a guy or a girl?…anyways, i had a dream with Taemin…and then another time as well..

  35. 4everKaitlin Says:

    i love her english

  36. SAfreak1000 Says:

    i dreamt of tiffany when i was asleep ><

  37. okcatluv Says:

    Her voice has definitely improved since debut :D

  38. TheKemenntari Says:

    Tiffany… just brighter than jewels ♥

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