The Perfect Gifts for the Avid Poker Player

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The Perfect Gifts for the Avid Poker Player

Christmas gifts can be pretty easy if you know someone with a particular hobby. When it comes to someone who plays Poker, there is never enough supplies at hand. Here are five fun gifts you can get your fellow Poker player this holiday season.

A Poker table: Anyone who plays Poker on a regular basis wants their own table. Portable table tops are only around but if you really love the player get them a large poker table for their basement. These will be sold at around 0 a piece. Customized Poker Chips: If they already got the poker table why not get them some personalized poker chips with a case? Even if they have plenty of poker chips already, the personalized touch may be just what your Poker buddy wants for his Saturday night Poker tournaments. Card Shuffler: If your buddy loves Poker than he probably shuffles the cool way and has never even thought of buying a card shuffler. Well he will like it just the same, plus his younger players aren’t as good at shuffling anyway. An Automatic card shuffler is generally priced around – . Rounders the Movie: Every Poker player has probably seen this at least once. If your buddy enjoys entertainment and is interested in the underground Poker world, then get this flick for them starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton. The Cincinnati Kid is an alternative film for all those classic lovers. Texas Hold’Em TV Poker: This is a unit that plugs right into the TV and allows up to 6 players to play, no table, no chips necessary. This is a great investment for a Poker player who has limited space in their living environment. Another great plug-in game is World Poker Tour TV Games which allows for nine players, comes with six controllers, and has a single-player option as well.

When you need to buy a Poker player a Christmas gift just think about the basics. Poker table, poker chips, and the players, use your imagination and get a set of personalized poker chips or Texas hold em poker chip sets to seal the deal. If you run out of ideas or they have everything you’ve thought of, simply get them a Poker Book with tips, tricks, and lies. A true Poker player never stops learning, and never stops earning.

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