The Mongo Collective – Mongo Face

February 20, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

A reposting of this cover version for all the people who’ve been requesting the older videos. Cheers to Cam Boyle for keeping this online when we removed it as well.

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25 Responses to “The Mongo Collective – Mongo Face”

  1. Liam97x Says:

    you two are legends , deserves more views , better than lady gaga by far :)

  2. MaDmatty180360540 Says:

    the funny thing is that americans dont get this…

  3. ZuRaMascoT Says:

    2 people tried to do there mongo face :D

  4. amberc1855 Says:

    hiya ambers pal here she canny type anythin at this moment she is acctin like a mongo laffin in he middle ov the floor becaue she thinks its funny haha xx

  5. bobicismaximis Says:

    where yous at kg street party ?

  6. lucoglucohyp Says:

    Best lady gaga remix. It’s less boring and more thought out :D

  7. caitlinbubbax Says:

    this song wis dedicated to michelle roy the asn freak

  8. MrSeanrfc1 Says:

    LEGEND’S <3

  9. ThomasWrightFFC Says:

    2 people don’t know how to do the mongo face. XD

  10. MrToastyification Says:

    Lady gaga made an awful paroday of this!

  11. Fitzyy1994 Says:

    Hahahaha, forgot all about this lads =)) Nice one!

  12. hellofuckingkittty Says:

    lol, I find it funny how lots of people take this to heart! It’s only a laugh, I’m sure one of them has someone who’s disabled in their family. Chill the fuck out lads! Anyway, I love you’s both and I’m actually glad to have people like you in my country :) -3

  13. riverisland1990 Says:

    @mcricken LMFAO!!! nah Mong wishes she was as REEM as them hahahahaha x x x

  14. mcricken Says:

    This song is for NICKYMONG herself hahaha!!!!

  15. flashgames248 Says:

    @TheMongoCollective arn’t you a prime example of a scotsman am actule sickened that people like you live in my country

  16. TheMongoCollective Says:

    Pretending about what? If you’re suggesting that, in some way, we are mentally defective then perhaps you should consider the fact that you’re using made up words like “thare”. If you’re suggesting that no one can actually do the mongo face, then you’re absolutely right. Either way, we win.

  17. flashgames248 Says:

    funny thing is thare not pretending

  18. MaDmatty180360540 Says:

    this, your wizard harry, Kevin Bridges and Frankie Boyle are the funniest things/people to come out of Scotland

  19. misskellie97 Says:

    :D this is acc soo funny .love it <3 xxxxx

  20. zandermackenzie1 Says:

    fuckin legends man hope a bump inty yees wan day fur a picture man haha :L

  21. crackedoutclown Says:

    awrite man its dean
    thats fuckin qaulity man keep it up!!!!!

  22. w33jonnybhoy Says:

    fuck yeah that vid was so fukin funny am gonny tell aw ma mates aboot this

  23. JenAchxx Says:

    Puree Cracker Youzz… So Funny xxxxx

  24. xAllyGilmourx Says:

    that looks like ma teacher LOL!

  25. TheXXCAZZAXX Says:

    u buzz my farts enjoy my skidmarks ha ha

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