The Micros – Episode 2: Play Poker Like the Rose

July 21, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

FACEBOOK: TWITTER: The Micros – Episode 3: “Play Poker Like the Rose” A week after their big tournament score, the gang finds they have very different ideas about how to spend the money.

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25 Responses to “The Micros – Episode 2: Play Poker Like the Rose”

  1. thequantaleaper Says:

    Did she just snap call the river with 10 high?
    He was bluffing! I knew he was bluffing!
    YOU HAD 10 HIGH!!!!!
    It was the nuts or nothing!

    Instant classic!

  2. kalachylde Says:

    It’s call disconnect protection, bitches!

  3. chrislindsay34 Says:

    f full tilt

  4. ihateidiotcomments Says:

    Watching the Giants nice.Eli over throws the receiver again a RB no less.E why more like E lol ship it!

  5. cannabisbisbisbisbis Says:

    if i won 1.2 million, first thing id do is buy a nice apartment in downtown. then buy a new car. then use the rest to play

  6. kevinblank Says:

    what’s the name of the song in the end?

  7. Jibberish519 Says:

    second time im watching this series this week!

  8. Jibberish519 Says:

    whats the song at the end?

  9. danielcohen88 Says:

    @TheMicrosPoker Hahaha, I retract my previous objection.

  10. TheMicrosPoker Says:

    @danielcohen88 Ah, but this airline is owned by Australian aviation tycoon Crocodile Rosenberg.

  11. danielcohen88 Says:

    It should have been “Oi Oi Air” not Oy like Oy Vey.

  12. HarryIsTheGamingGeek Says:

    I love the “Fry Me A Liver” pun. I love that song!

  13. HarryIsTheGamingGeek Says:

    So Tommy already had over $57,000 in his bankroll?! NICE!

  14. UMSniper Says:

    “Jesus, can’t a girl drop a deuce around here?” lolololol

  15. MrDudeWhatever Says:

    Tommy should be happy he didn’t invest in that diamond mine in Japan.

  16. ryanbabbage Says:

    lol fry me a liver

  17. MasterTrav Says:

    I’m an eagle!

  18. AugiTheGreat1 Says:

    what a sick episode maybe it would be funny if i didn’t already know what it was like to have a freind play on my account manybe not nosebleeds by those standards but enough to bust my bankrooll in one sessions now my perfect graph looks more like a train wreck

  19. MZ3692 Says:

    LOL, pee jar!

  20. lacostemaniac Says:

    In the poker game of life women are the Fuckin Rake

  21. kchuen Says:

    Damn…. the 1st episode was perfect…. this is… only the 1st one third of this episode is good~~

  22. gadze1979 Says:

    É o que acontece quando se está a fazer uma má gestão de banca e se está em tilt!

  23. thejoeking97 Says:

    now i know why they call her balls because she wasn’t carrying the laptop with her hands

  24. zman4hbo Says:

    Female character makes me go on tilt. I HATE HER!!!!

  25. redhidus Says:

    “live long and profit” m/

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