The Killers: Strip Poker

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The Killers Playing Strip Poker on Jimmy Kimmel
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25 Responses to “The Killers: Strip Poker”

  1. Mrs1Brightside Says:

    i can’t believe they would actually do this, i mean no other band would…see this is why we love them :) and i wish Brandon was losing ;)

  2. Itsblitzday Says:

    At least the killers were willing to lose their clothes. I bet you the jonas brothers would never do that.

  3. 2009supernatural Says:

    i have never seen a picture with brandon topless ! anyone know where i could find one ? :D :D

  4. 1234iloveyouevenmore Says:

    Or….How about instead of giving them their clothes….back…..
    We take away even more…… ;D :P
    Actually love this video! <3

  5. TwiBrandonFlowTKvict Says:

    Beatrice,don’t you dare give The Killers their clothes back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. chibs1234 Says:

    @xInwex Hey he took his pants off, thats a great thing :) xx

  7. thekillersobsessed Says:

    gosh wheres the topless brandon!? lol x

  8. PhyscoPathFriends Says:

    this is Becca speaking but i LOV3 THE KILLERS sooo much and brandon is sooo cute in this vid!

  9. couturecutie367 Says:

    Brandon= magical god sent down to earth from above just to make all of us lovers of him happy :)

  10. amycarysc Says:

    am I the only one who loves ronnie’s hairy chest? yeah? okay, i’ll have him all to myself then…

  11. amycarysc Says:

    haha i know and Brandon and Ronnie are just watching

  12. Friendlymartiansrule Says:

    lol gotta luv mark

  13. neonmizzoutiger5 Says:

    I like how Mark turned and covered his face when Dave took his underwear off. Brandon’s leg!!!

  14. larissaistheshit1 Says:

    i want a shirtless brandon!!!! now!

  15. TheFlowersKillers Says:


  16. caligirl2191 Says:

    God I love when The Killers are on Jimmy Kimmel =D

  17. danigobe Says:

    sorry, not legs, leg hehe

  18. danigobe Says:

    what was tied around Brandon’s legs?? god he’s gorgoes, i think I was detailing him thoughout the entire vid hahha

  19. MsLissy09 Says:


  20. MusicAddict650 Says:

    He needs to take the boxers and the shirt off!!!!!!!!!
    I really wish he had been losing……..

  21. emz4brandon Says:

    i’d rather he took his trousers off too, but i wouldn’t mind if it was his shirt either ;) the first time i watched this, i didn’t even realise dave took his underwear off, i was too preoccupied with Brandon ;P lol haha

  22. selinaland Says:

    throughout the video i was just focusing on Brandons sexy white legs…lol ^.^

    wish he has been losing though…. :o


  23. esjakeis86 Says:

    hahaha. brandon is so skinny.

  24. NerdGogo Says:

    Haha I just said that! He’d rather take his trousers off than his jacket or shirt. XD

  25. MattAddams Says:

    was that white band a garter on brandons leg?

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